Warehouse Cleaning Services in Manchester

Warehouse Cleaning Services Manchester

With well over a decade’s experience in the field, Focus Cleaning has established itself as a leading commercial cleaning company servicing Greater Manchester and environs. We work with health centres, showrooms, schools, offices, and much more, but one service we’re particularly proud of is that which we offer to warehouses.

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A Manchester Warehouse Cleaning Service You Can Depend On

Our dedication to and expertise in warehouse cleaning has seen our fiercely positive reputation continue to grow throughout Greater Manchester. Not only are we proud to send out our happy staff, we know that they will form and nurture supportive and respectful relationships with our clients. To be able to rely upon the quality and professionalism of your Manchester warehouse cleaners is essential to the everyday running of your workplace and workforce.

You can trust that we know the rules and restrictions in place at any particular warehouse. These rules will be followed and restrictions observed by our highly trained and specialised team of professional warehouse cleaners working in Greater Manchester. We will also listen to the specific requirements of your warehouse by meeting with the premises manager and performing a workplace walk-through. In doing so we can ensure that you needs are met with the highest quality cleaning and safety standards.

You will also be assigned the same team of professional warehouse cleaners so that you can quickly become familiar and comfortable with our employees. You can also easily communicate with them should you want to make any additions or changes to your Manchester warehouse cleaning contract. In getting to know you and your warehouse premises, we can tailor our cleaning to your schedule in order to be as thorough, efficient, and non-disruptive as possible.

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Health and Safety at the Forefront of Warehouse Cleaning Across Manchester

We work with our staff to make sure that their work is safe, swift and effective in any area they’re assigned to.

We deliver regular training sessions for warehouse health and safety as well as how to use new and specialised cleaning equipment. In doing so our cleaners are equipped to work in all storage systems including bulk liquid, deep freeze, commodity processing and transport coordination facilities throughout Manchester. At Focus Cleaning we use the best and latest scrubber/drier machines and treatments on warehouse hard floors. This ensures that ingrained grit and dirt that damages the floor and would in time be a safety hazard is removed. Followed up by a strip and seal service, we can protect your floor for longer. We also apply our specialist reach and wash commercial window cleaning technology in order to provide an excellent clean to your high warehouse windows.

We keep an eye on the regulations governing all of our clients’ Manchester premises, and we make sure that the service we provide follows all relevant regulations and guidelines so that our clients can continue to focus on what’s important – running their business smoothly and effectively.

If you’d like to know more you can use our contact form or call 0161 485 8060 to get started – or you can email us at info@focuscleaning.co.uk.

Warehouse Cleaning FAQs

How does Focus Cleaning ensure maintenance of our warehouse floors?

Your warehouse cleaning service is provided by fully trained cleaners who understand the challenges and requirements of warehouse floor cleaning. Having a well-maintained warehouse floor is essential for the health and safety of your employees as well as the longevity of your floors. Our warehouse cleaning service includes removing ingrained dirt from your floors, followed up by a strip and seal service with the most effective scrubber/drier systems.

Are your warehouse cleaning working hours flexible?

Focus Cleaning is very happy to be able to provide a flexible warehouse cleaning service. We certainly do not want to disrupt your daily activities. Let us know when would be the most convenient time for our warehouse cleaners to arrive and we will make it happen.

Is your warehouse cleaning team trained on warehouse health and safety?

The health and safety of our employees has always been, and will continue to be a priority at Focus Cleaning. With regular training programmes, our employees know the health and safety requirements, hazards, and risks of warehouse cleaning and in doing so can deliver a safe, efficient and great quality clean.

Do we need to do anything to prepare for the warehouse cleaning service?

If easy-to-move furniture could be cleared, that will allow our warehouse cleaners to get started right away.

How often can you provide a warehouse cleaning service?

We provide our warehouse cleaning services as often as you require. In the past we have done once-per month cleaning contracts and 3 monthly services.

Do your warehouse cleaners have a uniform?

Yes – and there are a few reasons for it. We believe that in providing a professional warehouse cleaning service we should also look professional. We are also really proud of the service that we provide and our employees feel proud to wear their uniform.

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