Signs That You Need an Office Cleaning Service in Manchester

New commercial cleaning contractIn theory, it’s very easy to keep your office clean, all of the employees look after their desks, do their dishes and clean up after themselves, then maybe once a week somebody hoovers and does a little tidy up in the kitchen. In theory this works, but in reality, employees are generally pretty reluctant to clean, which means that office spaces can so easily become dirty and untidy. This is where we step in, in this article we would like to give you some tell-tale signs that you are in need of office cleaners.

Smudged and Dirty Windows

When windows become dirty there are two problems. Firstly, you can really tell! A dirty window stands out as, to be quite frank, you can’t see through it clearly. Secondly, windows are hard to clean properly; if you use the wrong products or wipes they can become stained and covered in marks, making them even less transparent. Windows require some care and attention, and we know exactly how to make them sparkle again.

The Mount Everest of Dirty Dishes

Communal spaces in offices are a great idea, everybody gets a place to relax, chat, eat their lunch and make their brews. However, it also gives your employees the chance to not quite pull their weight when it comes to cleanliness! These communal spaces often become riddled with dirty dishes, crumbs and mugs. If your communal areas are heading that way then it may be time to take action!office cleaning in manchester

The Mount Kilimanjaro of Bins

Much like the dishes, bins can build up to a point where you have to either start a new bin bag or very tactfully squeeze your rubbish into the very small gap remaining in an already overly-packed bin! This problem arises as there are so many people in some offices that nobody really sees it as their responsibility to have to deal with this issue. With a professional office cleaning service, this problem is alleviated all together, the bins won’t overflow, and your kitchen will no longer smell of 6 day old tea bags.

Grubby Desktops

A recent study carried out in the United States found that the average desk is home to more than 25,000 organisms per surface. In fact, office desks have routinely been found to have more organisms than shared toilet seats. The two main areas that bacteria can gather on a desktop are your mouse and keyboard. These two office appliances are very rarely cleaned and come into contact with every germ on your hands! A professional cleaning service will ensure that your business’ desktops aren’t neglected and don’t become hubs for harmful bacteria and germs.workplace cleaning

A Fridge That’s Starting to Smell

The problem with an office fridge is that so many people use it. On a daily basis 20-30 people may all be stowing their lunches away in the same fridge, as a result, the likelihood for spillages, crumbs and left overs is increased. It is also important to remember that very few people think to wash their hands before opening the fridge. Therefore, the place where you keep your lunch can end up being full of harmful bacteria and germs.

Office Cleaning in Manchester

If you’ve been noticing some of these issues then it’s probably time to call in a professional office cleaning service in Manchester! Get in touch today to take the first steps to a cleaner office.