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School Cleaning Services manchesterIn order to fuel the future generation, maintaining optimum health and safety standards in school is essential.
That means a full and frequent cleaning service. Primary schools are the foundations of effective and energised education. The school hall, classrooms, gym equipment, toilets, cafeteria and kitchen, staffrooms and reception area pose just some of the challenges a school faces when they consider cleaning. Secondary schools, colleges, and universities come with an even greater variety of specialised classrooms and workshops.

Art rooms and design and technology workshops offer different obstacles to the chemistry and biology labs. Each area has different equipment and different hazards that require a well-practiced and professional commercial cleaning company to deep clean and prepare the work space to meet government standards. At Focus Cleaning we are proud to have upheld these services for 15 years. We also rigorously respect the work and projects of pupils having years of experience in cleaning in and around experiments and artwork.

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When it comes to school hygiene, teachers, staff, and students alike are well-versed in the outbreaks of sickness sweeping through corridors and classrooms. Our comprehensive and specialised approach to school cleaning ensures wherever possible that one child sneezing into their hands and passing the germs onto the door handle, does not become a school wipe-out.

A School Contract Cleaning Service to Keep Your Kids and Colleagues at 110%

Imagine this scenario: it is Monday morning. Students and teachers arrive at the school gates welcomed by dark and dirty windows. They take the steps into the building and walk down cluttered corridors that have tarnished hard floors and muck-stomped carpets. Entering the classroom they are met by mess from the week previous. The toilets are full of grime and lacking in janitorial supplies, and the cafeteria is no better. It is by no means an environment where the workforce – children and staff – can thrive. Nor will they be encouraged to respect the premises.

There is a multitude of research that supports a strong correlation between workplace appearance and the productivity and wellbeing of the people functioning in it. Ensuring the wellbeing of pupils while pushing them to achieve beyond their potential in a supportive environment is the promise of every good school.

At Focus Cleaning, we understand this, and we take pride in our ability to use the same dedication teachers show to their students to drive our thorough, flexible, and professional cleaning service.

What You Can Expect from a Focus School Cleaning Contract

You can expect our cleaners to work with the school team, not apart; to be on time every time, do their work methodically and with care, and to handle unexpected problems on their own initiative.

Focus Cleaning can handle everything from staffrooms through to the varnished hardwood floors of most gyms to the commercial-quality kitchens and biology lab rooms where hygiene is a vital issue.

Focus recognises that the school’s team and pupils will come from varied backgrounds, and our cleaners respect those backgrounds and will support the school in acting with respect. We are aware that Enhanced DBS checks are required when working with and at schools for the safety of those studying there and will work with the school to make sure all relevant paperwork is in order and that we not only comply with these rules but can prove it.

We are a school cleaning service you can depend on.

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School Cleaning FAQs

Do your school cleaning team have the necessary Enhanced DBS checks?

We know that the safety and security of your children is paramount. Each member of our school cleaning team is equipped with the necessary Enhanced DBS check.

What schedule can you provide for a school cleaning service?

During our initial school visit and from talking with you and understanding your requirements we can decide upon a school cleaning schedule that will suit you.

Would we need to supply the cleaning solutions?

Not at all. A school cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning includes all of the cleaning supplies and equipment which are all compliant with COSHH risk assessments.

What is included in your school cleaning services?

Our school cleaning services are comprehensive. We clean everywhere from classrooms to cafeterias, kitchens to toilets and everything in between.

Do your school cleaners have a uniform?

For security reasons, as well as maintaining a professional appearance, the team providing your school cleaning services will always be in the Focus Cleaning uniform.

Do you have prior experience in school cleaning?

We certainly do. One of our favourite areas of our business is school cleaning services. Having dedicated and long serving DBS checked staff we feel so proud of the service we offer. If you would like to see a reference from our school cleaning clients, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Can you provide janitorial supplies?

If you would like janitorial supplies to be included in you school cleaning contract then we are more than able to provide that service. We understand the frustration of running low on supplies since many of our clients received a poor service before joining us. We can promise that alongside a thorough school cleaning service, your janitorial supplies will be plentiful.

How long will the cleaning take?

After a site survey in which you can let us know your school cleaning requirements, we can let you know how long we feel is needed to carry out the cleaning.

Will the same cleaners be provided each time?

Consistency and trust are especially important to us with our school cleaning services so your school cleaning team will be the same each time.


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