Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning Services in Manchester


With over 15 years in the commercial cleaning business our Manchester team is fully trained to effectively and efficiently deep clean and protect your hard floors.

Optimum Hard Floor Cleanliness and Longevity

No matter the industry or sector, floors will see a lot of footfall. Running children, busy bodies in the office and particularly in warehouses where there is very heavy machinery throughout working hours; hard floor maintenance is really important to ensure the safety of the people using it. Cracked or torn flooring are typical of workplaces that don’t give enough attention to their floor maintenance. These can very easily become serious safety hazards. A commercial hard floor cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning in Manchester will ensure regular cleaning and upkeep of your floors since our trained team use only the best scrubber/drier machines and treatment solution combinations for your hard floors.

Whether you require floor cleaning in Manchester for a showroom, office, warehouse, surgery, school or anything else in between, our commercial cleaning services cover a range of hard floor materials that will keep your premises looking fresher for longer. When our skilled workforce deep clean your hard floors, they remove ingrained dirt then follow up with a strip and seal service that will protect your floor, saving you money on maintenance or replacement.

Our Manchester Hard Floor Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Vinyl Flooring Cleaning
  • Karndean Flooring Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tiles Cleaning
  • Linoleum Cleaning
  • Surgery Flooring Cleaning
  • Safety Flooring Cleaning
  • Heavy Duty Flooring Cleaning

Make a Great Impression with a Hard Floor Cleaning Service

Visitors and employees alike need to know that you care about the appearance of your Manchester workplace. Poorly kept floors can cause a drop in productivity amongst your workforce and give the wrong impression about your work ethic to visitors. With a commercial hard floor cleaning contact with Focus Cleaning, we can ensure your workplace floors are cleaned and cared for to the highest standards keeping colleagues, customers and clients happy.

A bespoke commercial floor cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning means creating an approach that works for and around you and your needs. Our promise to you is a safe, quality service that meets the specialist requirements of the hard floor surfaces in your Manchester workplace.

For further information and a FREE, no obligation quotation, please contact us on 0161 485 8060 or complete our contact form and one of our team will get back to you to discuss your requirements.

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