Is Your Workplace Tidy and Sanitised? Perhaps it’s Time for a New Commercial Cleaning Service

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Having been in the Greater Manchester commercial cleaning business for some 15 years, we know a thing or two about a deep clean. From schools to health centres and warehouses to the ever-in-demand office cleaning service, we pride ourselves on the delivery of a top quality clean and maintenance of optimum hygiene levels. However, with clients who have previously used other commercial cleaning service providers, we hear all too often of their prior lack-lustre finishes. During our thorough and support staff training courses, we emphasise the difference between tidy and clean. Now we want to share signs that might indicate your current commercial cleaning service are keeping your workplace tidy, but not sanitised and why it is important to have both.

The Difference Between Tidy and Sanitised

Whether we have them or remember being one, when asked to tidy their room, a moody teenager will grumble at the very thought of picking up their various piles of clothes from the floor and arranging their school books and files into a neat pile. Tidying does not involve cleaning and that is an important distinction when it comes to the workplace. Thorough cleaning means the removal of dirt and bacteria, leaving a workspace sanitised. Having both a tidy and sanitised work premises is crucial for the health, wellbeing and approach to work of your employees.

Keep On Top of Tidiness with Commercial Cleaning Services

A tidy working space is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, it addresses and maintains the physical health and safety of your employees. For example, if a client required an office cleaning service, the team at Focus Cleaning will ensure things are placed correctly into cupboards to prevent objects falling from them, fire exits are cleared of boxes or furniture, and corridors or walkways are kept as clear as possible to avoid trip hazards.

A tidy workplace is also really important to support a positive working attitude. A messy office desk, a cluttered classroom, or an unruly storage system in a warehouse can negatively affect the levels of productivity and workplace happiness. By hiring a commercial cleaning service, you show your employees that you respect them and the business as a whole.

The respect of your business brings us to the final point on the significance of tidiness which is that all-important first impression. When clients and associates visit your workplace, you need to ensure that their initial impression is an entirely positive one. A commercial cleaning service can help achieve just that.

How About Your Workplace Hygiene?

Most commercial cleaning service providers across Greater Manchester will tidy your workplace – otherwise how could they expect to be hired? However, the real crux is having a commercial cleaning service which also maintains the highest standards of hygiene. If you are noticing a rise in sick days, an increase in hayfever and asthma symptoms, or even a worsening of skin problems, the chances are your commercial cleaners are not delivering a good quality clean, no matter the tidiness of your workplace.

When you sign a contract with Focus Cleaning, we promise to take to your workplace with the most effective and most innovative cleaning solutions and machinery. For example, the dust, dirt and bacteria that will typically collect on carpets is not simply taken to with a vacuum cleaner, we use anti-bacterial cleaning solutions that will really support the air quality in your place of work. We certainly don’t do things by halves either so you can expect cleaned computer screens and stands, and an anti-bacterial wipe-down of the office phone! With the dedication of our highly trained team, we can tailor our commercial cleaning services to the requirements of your work premises, always ensuring a thorough clean and quality finish. Neat, tidy, hygienic.

To learn more about our specific commercial cleaning services, visit our website. You can also get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation quote and to organise a site visit that suits you.