Why Winter is the Time to Hire a Healthcare Cleaning Service

Healthcare cleaning services

Somehow the year has flown by and most of us are now preparing for the upcoming festivities. The twinkling lights have been turned on in the streets, shops have their Christmas displays ready and Bublé playing to an influx of customers, and a large proportion of the population are wishing that they had started their Christmas shopping earlier in the year. For healthcare centres such as doctors’ surgeries and walk-in centres they must prepare for the inevitable increase in patients that happens around this time of year. As a commercial cleaning company, we are well aware of the necessity for a clean and hygienic workplace particularly around this time of year within healthcare. In this blog, we want to outline why hiring a commercial cleaning service for winter might be the best decision your health practice can make right now.

Healthcare Cleaning Controls Spread of Illness in Winter

Hiring a healthcare cleaning service in winter has its many benefits, but perhaps most importantly it enables practices to better prevent the spread of illness. In winter, our immune systems are typically tested and weakened with colder temperatures, trying to keep up with the party season, and the business of preparing for Christmas. Already ill when arriving at a healthcare practice, patients are more vulnerable to each other’s illnesses. By hiring a healthcare cleaning service this winter, you can maintain a regular and thorough clean of waiting rooms, offices, surgeries, treatment rooms, toilets, etc. thereby keeping optimum hygiene levels.

Healthcare Cleaning Maintains Clean and Professional Appearance

As is typical of British winter, the weather is taxing. Snow, hail, rain; patients and employees can’t help but bring the outside in when entering and leaving the healthcare premises. Carpets and hard floors will inevitably become full of dirt and debris. Allowed to build up, this is both a health and safety hazard and unprofessional – particularly in a healthcare environment. A regular commercial cleaning service will ensure that the carpets and floors are spotless and treated with protective solutions, which will also increase their longevity. Ultimately, any healthcare practice must run as a business which means retaining patients and gathering good reviews. Without doubt, a clean and professional practice will set you in good stead.

Healthcare Cleaning Keeps Staff Motivated in Winter

During winter, the shorter daytime hours and the excitement of everything going on outside of work can make staying focused, positive and motivated difficult. In almost every one of our blogs, we always touch on this point; that a clean and tidy workplace is proven to support the productivity and wellbeing of employees. With a frequent healthcare cleaning service, your staff won’t be distracted (subliminally or otherwise) by clutter and dirty surfaces. Instead, by consistently delivering a positive working environment for your employees, you can expect their positive and professional work ethic.

Perhaps more than any other sector, maintaining a clean healthcare practice is essential. A professional, frequent and thorough cleaning service is advised all year round, but clearly winter is the time to step things up if you haven’t already. At Focus Cleaning, our dedicated, fully trained and highly experienced team are ready when you are. Get in touch today to discuss your healthcare cleaning needs and for a no obligation quotation.