Winter Is Coming: Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Commercial Cleaning Service

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It’s unavoidable, the weather is turning, the nights are drawing in… winter is coming. For healthcare practices such as doctor’s surgeries and walk in centres, this also means an influx of patients as flu season takes hold. As conditions become more hostile, it is paramount that healthcare centres equip themselves to withstand the onslaught of illness and extra wear and tear which is inevitable this time of year.

As a commercial cleaning company, we are well versed in the benefits of maintaining a hygienic and sanitary work space all year round. However, in the winter months, in environments where staff and patients are more vulnerable, our healthcare cleaning services becomes that much more pertinent.

Healthcare cleaning service ManchesterPreventing Further Spread of Illness

As a healthcare professional, the space you occupy must always be clean and hygienic. In winter, this is truer than ever. With the cold weather forcing people to spend more time inside and more likely to use public transport systems, people are forced into closer contact with people who may be carrying germs. Our weakened immune systems, coupled with the season of serial partying, means people and their illnesses are bound straight for healthcare practices across the country.

It therefore goes without saying that healthcare centres become increasingly unhygienic at this time of year, and their visitors even more susceptible to the germs and bacteria that surround us every day. In order to stay on top of the flu-season epidemic, and keep your healthcare practice spick, span and, more importantly, safe, you should hire a commercial cleaning service today. Regardless of the nature of your practice, whether it’s a dentists, doctors surgery or treatment centre, Focus Cleaning’s professionally trained team will ensure a thorough and regular clean stops the further spread of illness this flu-season.

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Keeping Up Appearances

Also inevitable with the return of British winter is the return of muddy boots, trodden in leaves and the unavoidable damp. With the worsening weather, the stream of people entering and leaving healthcare premises can’t avoid bringing the outside in with them. Dirt and debris gets trailed in, and spread around the premises, not only damaging flooring fixtures, but also compromising the high hygiene standards which healthcare services pride themselves on.

Not only is a dirty working environment a health and safety hazard in a medical sense, it also looks unprofessional and unwelcoming. As with any business, it’s important to give a good first impression, and that begins with hiring a contracted commercial cleaning service that will maintain high and hygienic standards, ensuring your workplace, and your patients, are protected against the hazards of British winter.

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Commercial Healthcare Cleaning Services Manchester

Here at Focus Cleaning, our wealth of experience in the commercial cleaning industry has proven just how much more attention your premises needs during the blustery winter months. If you’re a healthcare professional looking to maintain your high standards all year round, then get in touch today to discuss how our dedicated and specially trained team can help you, and for a no obligation quotation.