Is Your Warehouse As Clean As It Could Be?


Warehouse maintenance can often seem a daunting, time-consuming and ceaseless task. Keeping on top of deep cleaning every inch of these mammoth spaces, whilst simultaneously running day-to-day operations is no easy feat and often, standards slip. Here at Focus Cleaning, we provide a professional and comprehensive warehouse cleaning service intended to alleviate the pressures surrounding the dreaded warehouse deep clean, and we’re committed to making your workspace a safer and happier place to be.

Specialised Services

From our experience, warehouse staff aren’t always the most enthusiastic and thorough of cleaners – a bit of a tidy up and a sweep suffices for a day’s clean. However, due to the nature of the work, warehouses are often more exposed to the elements than your regular workspace; meaning dirt, dust and even rodents are commonplace in these spaces. This is where we come in. At Focus Cleaning, we use the best and latest scrubber/drier machines and treatments on warehouse hard floors. This ensures that ingrained grit and dirt that damages the floor and would in time be a safety hazard is removed. Followed up by a strip and seal service, we can protect your floor for longer. We also apply our specialist reach and wash commercial window cleaning technology in order to provide an excellent clean to your high up and hard to reach warehouse windows.Warehouse Cleaning Services

Why We’re the Best Team For the Job

At Focus Cleaning Contracts Ltd, we’ve been devoted to providing an extensive warehouse cleaning service for over 15 years. Our staff receive regular training sessions for warehouse health and safety, as well as how to use new and specialised warehouse cleaning equipment. In doing so, our cleaners are equipped to work in all storage systems including bulk liquid, deep freeze, commodity processing and transport coordination facilities throughout Manchester. You better believe we know and adhere to the rules and restrictions in place at any warehouse you can throw at us.

Making Your Life Easier with Warehouse Cleaning Services

We also pride ourselves on being a discrete and seamless service. Conscious not to get under your feet or disrupt your daily activities, we will listen to the specific requirements of your warehouse by meeting with the premises manager and performing a workplace walk-through, thereby ensuring we are working in symbiosis with your business, as opposed to on top of it. Our flexible scheduling means our cleaners are able to work entirely around your schedule, making your working life just that much easier. We also make sure to assign the same team to specific premises, so that you can get to know the people who you’re working alongside and a natural rapport can build. Not only are we proud to send out our happy staff, we know that they will form and nurture supportive and respectful relationships with you.

If you’re looking for a responsible, reputable and reliable commercial cleaning service to relieve your warehouse cleaning requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation.