Why you Should Use a Commercial Cleaning Company in Manchester

Commercial cleaning in Greater Manchester

Whether we like it or not, most of us spend around 40 hours per week in our place of work. Other than a lunch break and perhaps a quick coffee, those hours are spilling over like your fifth cup of tea, with emails, deadlines, meetings, phone calls, filing and planning for what you’ll finish tomorrow.

Even with the best of intentions, you cannot be expected to set aside the time to do a deep clean of your work premises. It’s hard enough keeping your desk constantly tidy without having to tackle the shared spaces like the toilets and kitchen.

The team at Focus Cleaning understand that often you can’t prioritise your workplace cleaning, which is where we can step in. Our commercial cleaning contracts cover office cleaning, warehouse cleaning, school cleaning, healthcare cleaning and more in the Greater Manchester area.

We’re passionate about what we do as a commercial cleaning company. Here are the reasons we believe you should be using one.

Safety First – Keeping Work Spaces Hygienic

A hygienic and clean workplace is essential to keep your workforce at their optimum efficiency level. We all know that germs are picked up and passed on all the time. In school it takes one child sneezing on another to capture the whole class in a cold war. Likewise, in the office a total wipe-out would have disastrous effects on the work load and bacteria growing on used kitchen crockery and utensils should not be left to become a health hazard. Of course in healthcare, high quality cleaning is an absolute necessity. From the doctor’s surgery to the waiting room, corridors to toilets, classrooms to kitchens, the trained cleaners at Focus Cleaning have 15 years’ experience in meeting strict health and safety standards to ensure a safe and clean workplace.

Create Positive Impressions of the Workplace

Imagine this scenario; you walk up to your workplace, the windows are dark and dirty. The stairs leading to your office or warehouse are cluttered, crumbs and muck stamped into the carpet or an unpolished hard floor. Enter the main room and things only get worse, but you’ll be spending the next 9 hours there, trying to get on and ignore the mess. There’s no point trying to rectify it so you accidentally add to it throughout the day. Customers come to see you. They’re not impressed but they probably won’t mention it for politeness’ sake.

Imagine a second scenario; you walk to your workplace, the windows are gleaming, letting in the natural light. You bounce up the stairs, the carpet and hard floor cleaning already done. You walk into the main space where a commercial cleaning service has worked their Cinderella magic. Everything is tidy, clean, and bright. You sit down to work station and begin the day. You’re proud to welcome customers and clients. They wish their workplace were as clean as yours.

Ensure Wellbeing of the Workforce

There are countless studies which provide evidence to suggest the workplace appearance is mirrored by the workforce. That’s not to say if you have a sofa, your team will transform into a chair. Certainly though, there is a significant connection between the functionality and tidiness of working spaces and the people working in them. Take a space that is stuffy, disordered, and unclean and you’ll notice a negative shift in your employees’ psychology and work approach which then runs down workplace efficiency and overall happiness of your staff. Where there is now such a focus on workplace wellbeing, a contract with a commercial cleaning company will see that your employees are in the best position to maintain productivity and positivity.

Provide Janitorial Supplies

We know how frustrating it is when you do find the time to clean, but your workplace has run out of supplies. A contract with Focus Cleaning includes janitorial supplies and feminine hygiene. We can promise that there will always be an ample supply of kitchen roll, washing up liquid, sponges and brushes, hand soap, toilet roll, handtowels, bin liners and everything in between.

A Commercial Cleaning Company Saves you Time when Time is Money

We’ve mentioned it before. You don’t go to work to do the cleaning; you go to work to get things done. If your employees are taking time out of their schedules to clean up after colleagues, the overall efficiency is going to take a hit which will undoubtedly increase stress levels. Of course keeping your desk tidy is your responsibility. But emptying bins and carpet cleaning is not your job. Fortunately, it is our job and we love what we do. Our team at Focus Cleaning are professional, uniformed, and use their experience to tailor a service that works for and around you.

We believe hiring a commercial cleaning company is the best way to ensure that your workplace is a happy and healthy space. From office cleaning to warehouse cleaning, window to floor cleaning, we promise a service that is thorough and as non-disruptive as possible by listening to your personal schedules and requirements. Get in touch with the Focus Cleaning team for a free consultation.