The Importance of Cleanliness for a Business: Why You Should Use a Professional Cleaning Service

brushesHow important is a clean workplace? A lot of people ask us this question, which quite frankly baffles us; the difference between a clean and a dirty office is night and day! In this blog we’d like to explain some of the key reasons why you need a professional cleaning service.

Shows Staff That You Value Them by Using a Professional Cleaning Service

Unfortunately for all of us who work 9-5 jobs, we spend more time awake at work than we do at home! Therefore, employers are always concerned with the way that their staff feel they are being treated, and rightly so! You want to know that all of those dedicated members of staff who work so hard for you feel valued and respected. One of the best ways to do this is to keep their office clean by hiring professional cleaners. When your staff members are asked to clean their own office the response is usually lukewarm at best! Furthermore, staff-run cleaning schemes simply don’t work, trust us, we know! Show them you value them by keeping their office tidy! At Focus Cleaning, we know how to make an office sparkle and cheer your staff up!

Doesn’t Put Customers Off

Here’s a pretty interesting fact, 85% of people will share poor hygiene experiences with their friends and family. That means that if your facilities aren’t looked after properly then not only will your existing clients not return, they may advise others to avoid you all together! Luckily though the solution is very simple, be presentable! When you walk into a shop, office or restaurant which is gleaming then you are far more likely to enjoy your experience, stay there longer and ultimately spend more money. We can help you make that positive impression!

book3Improves Productivity and Company Culture

As well as showing your employees that you value them, a clean office will also have a positive effect on their productivity. Nobody likes to work in a dirty environment, where the mugs, carpets, desks and chairs are all stained. Cleaning has a huge impact on productivity in an office, school, warehouse, you name it! When your facility is clean your employees will take more pride in their work as they feel more comfortable and motivated.

A Professional Cleaning Service Improves Hygiene and Reduces Sick Days

When employees are unwell they either can’t come into work or come in and can’t get much done, either way it isn’t ideal. We know what you’re thinking, people get ill and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, that isn’t necessarily the case. A large office can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, amongst other unpleasant things and when an office is not regularly tidied illnesses will spread and develop with increased regularity. By cleaning your office regularly and professionally you will cut down on sick days, saving your employees for increased chances of illness and yourself from the financial costs which sick days incur.

If you’re interested in the benefits of a professionally cleaned workplace then get in touch with us at Focus Cleaning today. We offer tailored and discrete solutions to a multitude of facilities from schools and warehouses to hospices and offices.