The Benefits of Using an Office Cleaning Company

The overall benefits of a clean office should be clear to everyone – no-one wants to work in an unclean office. The exact benefits you can get out of a cleaning company, however, go above and beyond simply keeping the place tidy. When you’re looking for the perfect cleaning company, here are a few things you may want to consider.

Expert Guidance

One of the main benefits of hiring a cleaning company is that you are not just taking on extra hands, but also experience and knowledge. A good cleaning company will be able to offer you more than their cleaning services, they will be able to offer you guidance about how often various tasks should be performed, the best ways to improve presentation in the office and how to maintain it.

Of course, the benefits of this knowledge are double-fold. Firstly, you get guidance on how the office will or should be maintained, which will reduced ongoing problems. Secondly, experienced cleaners will be quicker, more efficient and more effective in their roles, and your office will show the results of that.

When thinking about the benefits of a cleaning company, think about all the experience they bring to the table. At Focus Cleaning, we have over 12 years of experience, for example, so you can be sure that we know what we’re doing.



Along with experience comes reliability. A cleaner who knows their job well will be able to replicate the best results every time, so that when you come in the morning after they’ve been, you’ll know what to expect.

It’s not all about being the best every time, however. Scott Ginsberg tells us that “Consistency is better than rare moments of greatness”, and that’s true in every aspect of your office, whether it be the daily workers or the after-hours cleaners. A good cleaning company is not just great, but consistent. If a member of your regular cleaning team has booked holiday, or suddenly come down with an illness, where does that leave you? If you don’t find a replacement in time, your team is a person down, which makes it harder to get everything done as normal. Even worse, what if your team is only one person?

A good cleaning company will always have a backup available to make sure that your office is cleaned no matter what happens. Focus Cleaning are able to draw on a list of suitable replacements in a pinch, so you never have to worry about what your office might look like tomorrow morning.


How presentable does your office need to be on a regular basis? As we said at the beginning, clean and tidy is clearly the bare minimum, but how clean and how tidy does it need to be? It’s important to make sure that your office looks and feels the part it’s supposed to play.

A clean office has a huge effect on the morale of the people working there. From tidy desks to pristine windows, even making sure that surfaces get a regular dusting can make an office feel amazingly more welcoming. It may not seem like much, but many areas of an office can gather more dirt, dust and grime than you would expect, and you might not even notice it build up. While it’s there, though, it can make your office a miserable place to work. Regular cleaning tasks will help take care of that.

What about outside guests, though? Not every office needs to cater to those who don’t work there, but if yours does then you’re sure to want to make a great lasting impression. The floor of the entrance hall, the front-facing windows and especially the meeting rooms need to be given extra attention so that visitors will remember you positively.

Focus Cleaning understand the importance of a clean office for both workers and guests, and we’re proud of our work when it can make other people’s lives better. We focus on all the aspects of the office that need the most attention, and we don’t leave out the little details.


Of course, as with any business decision, cost has to be taken into account. A cleaning company certainly doesn’t come free, but the benefits far outweigh the costs as long as what you’re paying for is what you actually need.

If you only really need cleaners to come in once a fortnight then paying for a weekly, or even daily, service is probably unnecessarily expensive. By the same token, if it’s vital that your office is kept clean due to regular use and visitors then it’s probably not worth skimping on the price. Needless to say, in many circumstances you get what you pay for.

Focus Cleaning offer very reasonable prices and can come in as often as you need, just contact us for on 0161 485 8060 for a quote, or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you. Whatever your needs, we’ll make sure you see the benefits.