The Advantage of a Cleaner You Know

One of our main objectives at Focus Cleaning is to make sure that your cleaning service is as helpful, efficient and seamless as possible, and one of the main ways we do that is by ensuring that you are provided with a cleaner that specifically suits your business. Before working with us, many people don’t realise the value of a local cleaning ‘regular’, but this is frequently one of our top reasons for being recommended by clients. So, what are the advantages of our cleaners, and how do we make sure the system works for you?


manchester-signWhen we arrange for your cleaning service, we make sure that your cleaner is sourced from cleaners who are local to your area. This is great for helping you support local people, but is also very useful in making sure that your cleaner is on time, available at short notice, reliable and knows the area. A cleaner who is coming from near to your business will have less traffic to contend with, and on the occasions that you might need emergency cleaning services will be more able to reach you quickly and reliably.

If your business is well known and respected in the local area, or you want to become known for supporting local people, then a local cleaner will also help build your reputation.


We don’t like the idea of a faceless cleaning service, and we know that you don’t either. You can trust Focus Cleaning to provide you service with an emphasis on personality, friendliness and a positive working relationship by making sure that your cleaner is one you know and trust.

Your local cleaner will be the same person on every occasion, as much as it is possible for this to be the case, so as you continue to work with us, you will also get to know your cleaning staff and they will get to know you. This means that they will know if there are any specific requirements from your cleaning service, and you won’t need to explain this again and again. You will also be able to build a positive relationship with your cleaner, which encourages co-operation and good will towards each other, ensuring a happier working environment as well as a cleaner one.


ill-cleanerSadly, there are occasions where a regular cleaner won’t be able to make it to your work place, either due to personal illness, holidays or emergencies, which is why Focus Cleaning always have a back-up cleaner on call for you. Where possible, this will still be a local cleaner, and one that understands your needs so you won’t suffer from any interference.


We make sure that your cleaner understands your professional requirements, whether it’s the specific needs of your building or company, or the personal preferences of your workforce. If you have any special needs from your cleaning service, we will make sure to provide you with someone who has the experience and understanding required to meet those needs. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll make sure to find an appropriate cleaner for you.


thumb-upFocus Cleaning are able to provide references for both ourselves and our cleaners, so you can be sure of your quality of service, just like we are sure of our own cleaners. If you would like references for your cleaning staff, or about our service, all you need to do is ask and we’ll be happy to provide.

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