Why Summer is the Most Important Season to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

commerical cleaning in summer

Having just stepped into summer, we hope to be forever surrounded by sun; we dream of sand and sea and a sip of something refreshing to go with it. In reality, we may be able to make the most of the weekends, but during the week, most of us will experience the majority of the sun through the windows of your workplace, wherever that may be. Focus Cleaning have been providing the highest quality commercial cleaning services to Great Manchester for some 15 years, and every summer we recognise an increased need for that service. Whilst the hotter weather may be welcomed by many of us – especially in the north – it is also welcomed by creepy crawlies, flies, and bacteria. Here we share why now is the time to bring in the help of a commercial cleaning service. 

School Cleaning Services for the Summer Term

Regardless of the time of year, the research into the positive correlation between a school’s appearance and the productivity of the students and staff is well documented. In summer though, keeping the kids concentrated on their work rather than the prospect of getting outside can be tough, and if standards of cleanliness are allowed to slip, that battle will be even harder.

The sun may be shining but that doesn’t mean that the ground outside is bone dry. In primary and secondary schools alike you can expect the students will be running and rolling about on the school field. The last thing you want traipsing through your corridors at the sound of the school bell is mud and dry grass. What’s more, windows and doors are generally left ajar which sees a greater increase in the dirt and dust making its way into the classrooms. A school cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning will ensure that the dust and dirt is not allowed to build up, not to mention the bacteria which will inevitably increase in the warm conditions.

Essential Office Cleaning Services in Summer

Winter may see your workforce taken out by the flu, but summer is just as brutal when it comes to hayfever. Of course, allergies aren’t contagious but they can be pretty debilitating for those who have them. Naturally your colleagues will bring in pollen spores merely from walking to and from the car. This will introduce pollen into the office environment. With that in mind, hiring a commercial office cleaning company will also seriously help out employees who suffer year on year with the symptoms of hayfever.

The struggle is real!

Let’s talk about office hygiene. In summer, the office bins which would ordinarily be a place for wrappers and the occasional apple core or orange peel become a hive for thriving bacteria. It’s the same in the kitchen where warmer weather causes left-out food and spillages to respond far more quickly to decay and invisible bacterial overload. Allowed to spread about the office, you will experience some nasty smells and a rise in sick days. A regular office cleaning service from Focus Cleaning will ensure that your entire office is thoroughly and efficiently cleaned, using the most effective cleaning products available.

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