Why You Should Have A School Cleaning Contract with Focus Cleaning

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As we pass into British Summer Time, and quickly reach Easter, schools are winding down with or cramming in work before a much needed two week holiday. They are mixed and miraculous places, brimming with imagination, expectations, and examinations. The schooling years can be the most influential and imperative years of a child’s life and it is the job of the school to provide everything possible for its pupils and its staff. These provisions shouldn’t come down to lesson prep alone. Focus Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company with 15 years of experience in providing the best school cleaning services. We believe that a clean school makes for cooperative and productive working – for staff and students.

While we make our way into the school holidays, we want to share the importance of school cleaning, what it involves, and why you should take up a school cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning.

School Cleaning to Fuel the Future Generation

Imagine if after the Easter break, your staff and student body show up to the school gates to find windows fogged up with grease and dirt, classrooms with overflowing bins and dusty desktops, and the canteen or dining hall featuring food splashes from before the holiday. It certainly isn’t the institution to instil inspiration and educational excitement in its workforce.

There are countless studies supporting the correlation between workplace appearance and productivity. Whether we are working in primary schools or secondary schools, we are able to offer a top quality and professional cleaning team that are well-practiced in dealing with the challenges involved with school cleaning such as science labs, art rooms, and design and technology workshops. We also rigorously respect the work and projects of pupils, having years of experience in cleaning in and around experiments and artwork.

We can promise to provide a school cleaning service that will help your kids and colleagues to keep working at 110%.

Stop Sickness in its Tracks with Health and Safety Maintenance

As is the way when lots of people are working within close proximity of one another, a single sneeze can lead to a total wipe-out. We know how disruptive missing school due to illness can be, whether it is the pupils or the teacher. Focus Cleaning therefore works fervently to provide a consistent deep clean to rid surfaces and appliances of germs and dirt. From the cafeteria to the classroom, we are driven to provide a specialised school cleaning service that is in line with governing standards of optimum hygiene, health, and safety.

A School Cleaning Service You Can Trust

With years of experience working in schools across Manchester and Greater Manchester, Focus recognises that the school’s team and pupils will come from all sorts of backgrounds. Our team of professional cleaners respect those backgrounds and will actively support the school throughout our dutiful cleaning service. We are aware that Enhanced DBS checks are required when working with and at schools for the safety of those studying there and will work with the school to make sure all relevant paperwork is in order and that we not only comply with these rules but can prove it.

The team at Focus Cleaning are motivated to deliver excellent cleaning services to staff and pupils alike. From staffrooms to kitchens and toilets to reception, we maintain the highest of cleaning standards. We take pride in our ability to use the same dedication that teachers show to their students to drive our thorough, flexible, and professional cleaning service. Please contact us for a consultation.