Rolling Out Our School Cleaning Service

Last month we officially rolled out our School Cleaning Service. We recognise the unique requirements schools have from their cleaning contractors, especially when it comes to Enhanced DBS checks and ensuring that the school’s own rules and paperwork needs are attended to.

The ABCs of School Cleaning

We also recognise that there are some classrooms which will always be more of a challenge than the average. We’ve taken to referring to them around the office as the ABCs:

  • Art
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

These (and a few others) present a tougher challenge to a cleaner on any given day, but we know that our dedicated team of cleaners are up to the challenge.

Looking to the FutureFocusCleaning1

As the winter term rolls on, many schools are taking stock of how existing contracts measure up in the light of a new school year’s needs, and we know that in staffrooms and headmasters’ offices all around the country there are people now wondering whether a new cleaning service is the way to go.

If your school’s premises are anywhere in our own catchment area (including Greater Manchester, parts of north Cheshire, and much more – see the map in the linked page) we’d love to talk to you about your cleaning arrangements and whether a cleaning service with focus could serve you better.

We’re easy to contact – you can use our online form, email us at, or call 0161 485 8060 and we’ll be happy to talk to you.