A Professional Spring Cleaning Service

12022019The history of the ‘Spring Clean’ very strangely has its origins in Persia, where once a year Persians would have a deep clean of their house. Since then it has become a fixture across the world. Usually when we think about spring cleaning, we simply think about giving our house that much needed attention, however, why not take this message into the workplace too? After all, you don’t want to be leaving a spotless home only to arrive at a dusty and disorganised office!

Why Spring?

As the hotter months come in, we can often see more dust in our houses and offices. The science behind this is quite simply that as the air gets hotter more dust is produced by a number of things, including our skin! This means that our desks, monitors and floors gather much more dust and have that unpleasant and unclean look. Start the Spring right, with a clean and sanitary office which will improve your working environment.

A Fresh and Clean Office

Far too many of us neglect our office as it isn’t our home and we quite simply don’t care as much! However, we only get 24 hours in a day and for most of us at least a third of that time will be at work, in fact, when you take sleeping into account, we spend more time awake at work than we do at home. Therefore, having a clean office space makes a huge difference to our day. If you are like us then you feel much better in a clean and sanitary environment.questions to ask commercial cleaning provider

Some Other Tips for a Fresh-Look Office

  • De-clutter: Take this opportunity to clear all than unnecessary clutter of your desk, if you don’t need it, don’t keep it!
  • Filing cabinets and stationary cupboards: These can both become daunting areas of the office environment, disorganised and unloved. Take the time to re-organise these spaces and find it much easier to access what you need?
  • Clean your computer: It isn’t just the dust which annoys us about our computers, to go with your Spring clean, why not reorganise your files, download any updates and streamline your computer experience?

A Professional Spring Cleaning Service

Unlike your staff, we are a company of motivated and experienced cleaners who will get the job done properly! We ensure that our services work around you, so that we are the least disruptive to your staff that we can possibly be. We offer a discrete and highly flexible cleaning service to alleviate any concerns about cleaning distracting your workforce.

Our services cover everything from the coffee rings on your desk to the marble flooring in your atrium, you own it, we’ll clean it. Our staff have the experience to not only make your office look better, but improve its sanitation, which will help reduce sick days at work and office hygiene.

If you would like to feel the benefits of a fresh-for-Spring office then get in touch today and we will be happy to work with you.