How a Professional Floor Cleaning Service can Improve Hygiene and Save you Money by Cleaning Your Carpets and Hard Flooring

Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning with Focus CleaningEven though our floors are so vast in comparison to our surfaces we don’t often give them enough attention when it comes to cleaning. Why is it that the surface we tread our dirty shoes over isn’t shown the same love and attention? The fact of the matter is that floors are rather intimidating to clean. The idea of shampooing a carpet or polishing a hard floor can sound like a great deal of effort to those who aren’t experienced in doing so. When it comes to floors there is also the concern of preserving and maintaining them for health and safety reasons. We are here to relieve that stress, leaving your hard floors sparkling and your carpets spotless.

The Surfaces We Make Sparkle:

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Carpet Flooring
  • Karndean Flooring
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Linoleum
  • Surgery Flooring
  • Safety Flooring
  • Heavy Duty Flooring

Commercial cleaning manchesterHard Floor and Carpet Cleaning Improves Hygiene

As we said before, cleaning a carpet or hard floor properly can be daunting, and simply giving it a mop or a quick hoover every month won’t do the job. Carpets in particular are renowned for harbouring pollutants and holding onto dirt and bacteria. By having your floors professionally cleaned you will also vastly improve your level of hygiene at work. This means that your employees will be healthier at work and therefore less likely to have days off!

Maintenance of Carpets and Floors for Safety

No matter if you are a school, an office or a sports centre, by maintaining your hard floors you can ensure that they don’t become a health and safety risk. Too many employers don’t pay enough attention to this detail, which can often results in floors becoming chipped and cracked, this of course is a health and safety risk. A commercial hard floor cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning in Manchester will ensure regular cleaning and upkeep of your floors as our experienced cleaners use only the best scrubber/drier machines and treatment solution combinations for your hard floors.

Warehouse Cleaning ServicesCleaned to Last

By regularly cleaning the carpets and hard floors at your office, school or nursing home, you will support their longevity. At focus cleaning, our team of professional and highly experienced cleaners use the most effective and innovative machinery and solutions, plus a strip and seal service on your hard floors to protect them from damage, that way you need not regularly replace them. By having your carpets and hard floors professionally cleaned you can in fact save money, as they will not need replacing as soon if looked after properly.

Satisfaction though Sanitation

In addition to the practical benefits of getting your hard floors and carpets cleaned, it also really brightens a room up! By having your floor professionally cleaned it will improve the aesthetic of you space greatly, this will have a great effect in encouraging and motivating your staff and pupils; clean office, clean mind. We can make your floors sparkle and your space a much more attractive environment to work in.

Cleaning-Vacuuming-Washing-Vacuum-Cleaner-Cleanup-3165015So as you can see it really is essential to keep on top of your carpet and hard floor maintenance and cleaning. By doing so you can save money, improve hygiene and avoid any health and safety risks. If you are based in Greater Manchester and would like to find out more about the benefits of professional and commercial floor cleaning service then get in touch today for a free consultation and quote.