Out with the Old Broom, In with the New

When’s the last time that you took stock of your business’ janitorial needs?

Summer is almost on us, and with the heat many businesses find a whole new series of aromas coming – and not appetising ones! It’s time to make doubly sure that plates and mugs are regularly cleaned and that rubbish is cleared away before it starts to smell.

For all of this you may need more materials on hand – and while you’re making sure of that, why not take the time to see whether you’ve stocked up on anything else you need and (just as important), whether you’re paying for anything you don’t actually need.

The importance of Janitorial Supplies

Even with a dedicated cleaning service, any place of business still has to contend with other issues that can require cleaning and janitorial supplies.

At Focus Cleaning, we recommend that our clients stay prepared. In many offices, the janitorial supplies order is much the same business to business – but we also have a variety of commercial cleaning clients, including bonded warehouses, and we recognise that our site is visited by people from businesses in many different fields, with accordingly different needs.

Getting it Right for You

We don’t offer a generic ‘office janitorial supplies package’, either, because we recognise that while businesses may be similar, no two are exactly the same. Instead, if you call us to discuss janitorial supplies, we’ll sit down with you and discuss what you need, giving your situation the expertise we’ve developed over years in the industry to make sure that we pick up on all the little things that might slip by you.

We make sure everything we supply is competitively priced and organise supplies to take the worry out of your hands and let you get on with your business.

Among the supplies we offer are:

  • Toilet paper
  • Centre feed rolls
  • Hand towels
  • Black bin bags
  • Clear sacks
  • Clinical waste sacks
  • Office bin liners
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Washing up liquid
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Anti-slip entrance mats (replaced monthly)
  • Plenty of other useful items – just ask!

Janitorial Disposal

As noted above, we replace anti-slip mats on a monthly basis – including disposal of the old ones. That isn’t the only disposal service we offer here, and honestly, it’s not even the most important for most businesses – but the other deserves special attention, because it’s a very rare workplace that doesn’t benefit from it.

Focus Cleaning can handle your feminine hygiene disposal needs, Following the guidelines laid out by the Department of Health, we run a monthly feminine hygiene bin service, removing sanitary waste and preparing the bin for further use.