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The office kitchen should be a place for your staff to relax, prepare their lunch and eat. However, in our experience office kitchens can turn into a bit of a mess rather quickly, leaving staff members dreading using it. There are always a few tell-tale signs that your office kitchen needs cleaning, in this article we’d like to explain these warning signs and how as an office cleaning service help you!

Signs You Need an Office Cleaning Service:

Out of Date Food

We’ve all seen it 100 times before, someone from the office has left a sandwich in the fridge that went out of date over a month ago. Not only is this pretty grim for the rest of the employees, it is also unsafe. There is a reason that food has a use before date, and if foods are left in a fridge for a considerable time after that, they become mouldy and full of harmful bacteria. This means that anyone else’s food left in the fridge may be contaminated with something nasty!

A Huge Pile of Pots

Washing up at work is a shared responsibility, everybody uses the kitchen and everybody should have to clean up the pots once in a while! So often though this isn’t the case and employees can be reluctant to take the responsibility.

Sticky Floors and Counters

As great as it is to have a communal area where everybody can gather round, chat and eat at lunchtime, these areas are the most prone in the building to becoming dirty and sticky! If you have a large team of employees, then there will likely be quite a lot of mess left behind after a meal. This isn’t always visible however, this can be spills and stains left behind, which over time will become sticky and may become almost impossible to remove.

Running Out of Cleaning Supplies

How often do you find yourself running out of kitchen wipes, washing up liquid and cleaning spray? Most businesses can quite easily lose track of their cleaning supplies, especially when there are a million and one other things going on. However, running out of these products really can have a detrimental effect on the office environment as it can become unsanitary and unhygienic. Never run out of cleaning supplies by contacting a janitorial supplies company!

Office Cleaning Services in Manchester

We are Focus Cleaning, an office cleaning service in Manchester and we take care of all of the above issues which your business may be struggling with. We ensure that the standard of cleanliness and hygiene in all of our client’s offices is first class. Our office kitchen cleaning service revolves around your company and your needs, meaning that we are flexible in the specific requirements of your facility and the times that work best for you. A clean office has such a huge impact on the way that the business runs, and countless studies have shown that a cleaner environment means less sick days and far more productivity.

If you’d like to find out a little bit more about our office cleaning standards and services then please get in touch today and we can talk you through how we can help!