How Office Cleanliness Affects Your Business

Office Cleanliness Contrary to popular belief, office cleanliness isn’t only about keeping up appearances. Nor is it a necessary evil to be pushed to one side as a non-priority.
Like it or not, office cleanliness (or otherwise) has a direct and significant impact on the way your business operates. Whatever the size or nature of your organisation, a clean and sanitary working environment should be considered mandatory.

View the whole thing as a side issue and you open the door to disaster.

Irrespective of the investment required, a higher standard of office cleanliness could benefit your business in multiple ways. Proven examples of which include the following:

Workplace Morale

There’s a direct correlation between office cleanliness and general workplace morale. Think about it – how can you expect your employees to give you their best if you simply can’t be bothered to provide them with a clean and sanitary work space? Motivation, dedication, drive, determination – all directly affected by office cleanliness. If you want your employees to feel valued and respected, it all begins with a pleasant working environment.

Leading by Example

In a similar vein, the example you set as a business owner, manager or team leader speaks volumes for your professionalism and priorities. Unless you take pride in office cleanliness and prioritise good hygiene standards, you can’t expect the workforce to do the same. Sooner or later, performance begins to suffer as a result. If you expect to be taken seriously as a respectable, authoritative and inspirational leader, you need to lead by example.


Workplace cleanliness is linked to absenteeism in two ways. Firstly, unsanitary working conditions lead to regular and prolonged bouts of employee sickness. Particularly during the winter months, when cold and flu bugs are rife around the office. Secondly, an unsanitary workplace isn’t what you’d call an attractive or motivating working environment. Hence, employees are far more likely to take time off they don’t really need if they’re expected to work in unpleasant conditions. In both instances, this is the kind of avoidable absenteeism that takes enormous toll on the entire business.

First Impressions

You never know when an influential client, customer or outsider of any kind may choose to visit your office. When they do, you only have one chance to make a positive and lasting first impression. Make no mistake about it – cleanliness is one of the first things we all take note of when entering business premises for the first time. Even if it’s subconscious, we take note of everything we see and our perceptions are altered accordingly. Put yourself in the position of a newcomer to your business and consider how your current cleanliness and hygiene standards may be interpreted.

Long-Term Costs

Last up, upping your spend on workplace cleanliness shouldn’t be viewed as a superfluous expense. If anything, it’s an investment that could save you money long-term. When it comes to things like bathroom fixtures, carpets and other flooring, electrical equipment and so on, regular cleaning and minor maintenance can eliminate the need for costly repairs and replacements. Rather than simply letting things degrade and deteriorate around the office, it simply makes sense to oversee their upkeep. By looking after things today, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary costs at a later date.

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