Is your Office Cleaning Service Up to Scratch? Here are 5 Red Flags…

office cleaning service
It is without doubt that a commercial cleaning service is a fantastic way to keep the cogs turning smoothly and the workforce focused in the office. During the week you and your employees juggle phone calls, meetings, deadlines, multiple projects and targets; meaning that upkeep of the office tidiness is not necessarily a priority. Fortunately, many offices will call in the help of a professional team of cleaners to support the everyday running of the office by maintaining great standards of order and cleanliness. However, when your office cleaning service provider becomes lazy, it is quite quickly apparent. Focus Cleaning have been delivering the highest quality commercial cleaning services around Greater Manchester for over 15 years and with our experience, we want to share signs that your office cleaning company is letting you down.

Office Windows are Smeared or Forgotten

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul but here at Focus Cleaning we say that windows are a mirror to the way your workplace is run – at least it is the impression windows can give to visitors and your employees. As part of your office cleaning service, you should expect your windows to be cleaned and left gleaming, not only to give a great impression for your staff, but to maximise natural light entering the office.

Desktops and Monitors are Collecting Dust

Dust on the desktop is one of the easiest tells that your commercial office cleaning service standards are dropping. It is well documented that a keyboard holds more bacteria than a toilet seat, so cleaning the computer’s components is really important. If you notice that your keyboard and monitor are collecting dust and crumbs, it may be time to find a new office cleaning provider.

Office Sick Days are Rising

We all know of the notorious office bug, swiping out entire teams one by one for a day or more – but it doesn’t need to be this way. A thorough and professional office cleaning service knows the importance of a clean and tidy office – in fact we looked at it in a recent blog. If you have seen sick day numbers creeping up, it is likely that the hygiene standards within your office are not being maintained by your office cleaners.

You Consistently Run Out of Janitorial Supplies

Empty soap dispensers, regularly hitting the last of the loo-roll, dishwasher tablets and washing-up liquid frequently running low; if your office cleaning contract includes stocking janitorial supplies, it is extremely frustrating to find that supplies are dwindling. An office cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning that includes janitorial supplies ensures plentiful stocks in your office!

Workplace Productivity has Taken a Hit

As well as supporting health within your workplace, a regular office cleaning service really supports workplace productivity levels and employee wellbeing. That is because by investing in a great office cleaning service, you show your employees that you respect both them, and your business. Unsurprisingly, a clean and tidy office also enables your workforce to be in the right frame of mind in order to carry out their daily duties. If you have noticed your workplace productivity take a hit, you should also evaluate whether your office cleaning service is being delivered as promised.

The office cleaning team at Focus Cleaning are dedicated to providing the best service possible to offices around Greater Manchester. Professional, punctual, and able to work around your schedule, if you require office cleaning services, get in touch with the team at Focus Cleaning today.