Why an Office Cleaning Contract is Key to Your Company’s Success

office cleaning contract for company success

Like it or not, most of us will spend in the region of 40 hours a week working away at our office desk. With such a significant chunk of our life dedicated to meetings, emails, reports, and the rest, it is essential that we do all that we can to keep our workforce in high spirits and optimum productivity. Countless research papers and articles document the importance of office cleaning when it comes to workplace wellbeing and happiness.

As a commercial cleaning company with over 15 years of experience in office cleaning, we want to share why the key to bettering your business is in the gleam of the kitchen worktops, the always filled soap dispensers in the bathrooms, and the clear-of-crumbs carpets.

Office Cleaning – First Impressions for Colleagues and Customers

They say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but when it comes to your work premises, employees and current and prospective customers are doing just that.

The appearance of your workplace, both outside and inside, conjures ideas of the kind of work a business does and the manner in which it is undertaken. For customers, being able to trust your company completely is crucial to continued relations. For employees, starting the day knowing that your employer cares not only about the company but the workforce wellbeing too is vital for high performance and positivity. One of the most effective ways to appease both parties is to sign up with an office cleaning service.

The team at Focus Cleaning is professional, punctual and proficient. When it comes to offices, we are fully equipped to deep clean your workplace from interior and exterior window cleaning to canteen cleaning and bathrooms to boardrooms.

Keep Sick Days Down and Hygiene Levels Up

The office bug isn’t some old wives’ tale. It happens. A sneeze or stomach bug brought into the office by one person can soon sweep through the department when office cleaning services are not used or not working up to scratch.

An office cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning promises regular deep cleaning of the office, including hard floor and carpet cleaning, with particular attention paid to areas where harmful bacteria typically grow such as desktops, the kitchen and canteen, and bathrooms.

Office Cleaning to Keep the Production Line Running Smoothly

Clutter will forever make way for accidents and piles of papers will always lead to loss of important documents in the same way that leaving one dish to wash in the sink suddenly amounts to a small mountain of pots and pans and cutlery.

Keeping on top of office cleaning and tidying is absolutely necessary to keep the daily routine running at optimum efficiency. It keeps employees focussed and organised, as well as ensuring health and safety standards are maintained.

Focus Cleaning has a dedicated office cleaning service that will ensure your office has the solid foundations from which your workforce and your business can thrive. To find out more about our office cleaning service, or for a free no obligation quotation, please get in touch with the team.