New Years Service

a collection of brooms

Over 2015 a lot of things changed for us. We discussed the effect of the COSSH update last summer. That obviously had our attention, but we never lost sight of what we were doing and why we do what we do.

Later in the year we would launch our Deep Clean Office Blitz service. That allowed us to offer businesses who need it a chance to shake out the cobwebs and make a fresh start with a completely clean office, no matter how bad the situation had been before.

The project evolved out of our philosophy of keeping our attention on what our clients need, and out of our drive to make sure that when a new client comes to us, no matter how bad the situation, we’ll be able to service their needs.

And that’s important to us; through it all, we’ve kept our eyes on the prize. In November we rolled out a new logo representing our renewed commitment to our relationship with our clients and to our standards of excellence. This logo was a rededication to our principles:

F – Focus on the customer requirements at all times
O – Offering exceptional value for money
C – Customer care is key to our business
U – Understanding our customers’ needs
S – Standards of cleaning are consistent and of a high standard

And if it seems that we keep coming back to this… our principles are the core of our business and our philosophy. Our principles have helped us develop this far, and are why we offer such a refreshing range of services today – and why that range continues to grow.

Whatever else happens through 2016, one thing is for certain.

Rest assured, we won’t lose our FOCUS on what’s truly important to our customers.