Need a New Healthcare Cleaning Service? Here’s How to Tell…

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It is the purpose of a healthcare provider, whether private or NHS, dental surgery or doctors’, physiotherapy practice or healthcare centre, to give high quality health services to the surrounding communities. In order to continue providing the best standard of service, patients must wish to continue using the healthcare provider to ensure funding to the clinic or surgery will carry on. After all, many healthcare premises must act as a business in order to keep running and continue to be able to successfully care for the community. For a multitude of reasons, having a professional healthcare cleaning service who maintains the necessary hygiene and safety standards will confirm the footfall of patients coming through the doors. Here we share the signs that you are in need of a new healthcare cleaning service, and why Focus Cleaning should be the first on your replacement list.

Patient Numbers Falling? You Need a Quality Healthcare Cleaning Service

We have already mentioned it, and we are going to talk about it again; most healthcare providers are running as a business. Getting patients through the door is as important as treating them if you want to keep your practice out of the red and safely in the black. A good business must provide a good service. That service sits not only with the employees but with the appearance of the premises. If your cleaning service is cutting corners and leaving the place cluttered you can expect to see your patient register count fall considerably. Sound familiar? The team at Focus Cleaning are fully trained in delivering the highly specialised cleaning services that are crucial for combatting the complexities of healthcare premises.

Sub-standard Healthcare Cleaning Sees Sick Days Stack Up

Unsurprisingly, as a healthcare service, you will come into contact with sick people daily – particularly in a doctors’ surgery. That doesn’t put only the healthcare practitioner at risk, but the office and reception staff too – not to mention the patients with already lowered immune systems. It is essential that hygiene standards meet the Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements. A team of professional and fully trained healthcare cleaning service providers will know that these CQC standards are not isolated to the treatment rooms, but must be implemented throughout the surgery or centre, including toilets, waiting rooms, corridors, front desk, kitchen, the list goes on. If you notice that your staff sick days are rising, the chances are that your healthcare cleaning service is not working with the required rigour.

Are you Having Positivity and Productivity Problems?

In recent years there has been more and more research published documenting the correlation between workplace cleanliness and productivity and employee wellness. With targets to meet and patients to see, having a healthcare practice operating at optimum levels of productivity whilst maintaining a positive approach to work is essential to its smooth running. From hard floors and carpets to bathroom bowls and basins, and kitchens to waiting rooms, keeping everything clean and tidy will not only ensure hygiene standards are sustained, it will also show employees that their employer is invested in their workplace happiness and health. This will in turn enable the healthcare practice to provide the best possible service with the help of a highly experience team of healthcare cleaners.

Focus Cleaning is proud to provide a professional, personalised, and non-disruptive healthcare cleaning service which consistently meets and exceeds the necessary cleaning requirements attributed to healthcare premises. For a free consultation and centre visit, please get in touch. See our website for more information about our specific services and how they will help you.