Manchester Commercial Cleaning at its Best – The Proof is in the Pudding – And Our Staff Training!

Safe contractor approved commercial cleaners

A team is only as strong as its weakest player, but at Focus Cleaning, our team has only the most dedicated, professional, and efficient commercial cleaners. How is that? The answer is simple; we are a family run commercial cleaning company, and each new employee becomes a member of a work-family. That means each of our employees is treated with the upmost respect and not only do we provide all of the training required to deliver the highest quality cleaning service, we also ensure that every member of the team is given up to date health and safety training.

We have a habit of making our clients very happy by performing deep cleans in their place of work whilst causing as little disruption as possible. Again, the success of our commercial cleaning service all comes down to the Focus Cleaning training programme. We want to take this time to tell you a bit more about what to expect from a commercial cleaning service, our staff training standards, and why it is key to a great job.

Why is a Commercial Cleaning Service Necessary?

The positive relationship between productivity and workplace well-being, and the standards of hygiene and cleanliness are really well documented. By ensuring that good standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained in for example your office, school, warehouse, or healthcare centre, you are far more likely to maintain a happy and healthy workplace. It also takes the burden of cleaning away from staff, who more often than not will have other priorities. You can learn more about our specialist commercial cleaning services here.

Getting the Best from Our Commercial Cleaners – The Training

As soon as our cleaners are taken on after thorough and practical interviews, they are immediately given our guidance and support with a structured training programme which will involve regular checks carried out in the first month. For all of our employees, the training doesn’t stop. We want to keep on top of the best and most innovative cleaning methods and equipment which means regular training sessions. Of course our training programme also includes 6 monthly fire, health and safety training and 6 monthly customer services training so that our team will always feel safe and in control, and our clients at ease with the knowledge that the cleaning of their workplace is in good hands.

Induction Training with New Clients

We believe that we are experts in specialist commercial cleaning – and importantly, our clients do too. The challenges faced in each property differ but with thorough induction training our cleaning team is able to tackle those challenges. We never leave our cleaners until they feel confident about what they are doing.

Our induction programme is carried out on the job and over a few weeks. The first day is all about familiarising the cleaner with the client, understanding their business, their preferred schedules for cleaning, and what the client requires. We will perform a tour of the client’s property, noting in particular any potential health and safety hazards, and areas that will require specialist cleaning equipment. It is really important that both our commercial cleaning team and the client are confident in what each other’s expectations.

Constant Feedback

Maintaining high standards and 100% satisfaction is all about good communication. That is why we think it is crucial to have regular feedback from client to cleaners and cleaners to client. For example, if there are changes in circumstances for the client and they would prefer a different cleaning schedule, additional services that Focus Cleaning can provide, or more frequent cleaning, both client and cleaners can easily have a conversation about it. Likewise, if any problems should arise, regular feedback is essential to ensure that they have been solved.

Safe Contractor Accreditation

We aren’t just saying that we provide the necessary health and safety training for the sake of it. Our Safe Contractor accreditation is proof of that. It means that at Focus Cleaning we take health and safety seriously and verifies that our paperwork is up to date with our regulated health and safety training days.

If you require a commercial cleaning service for your place of work from a team who can truly deliver on their promise of great cleaning standards and fantastic customer service, get in touch with Focus Cleaning today!