Never Run Out of Cleaning Supplies Again with a Janitorial Products Supplier in Manchester

Janitorial Supplies ManchesterSo often we don’t think about cleaning supplies until we need them and realise that we have run out! After which we always end up going out of our way to buy them, only to run out again within the next few weeks. There are certain things that an office, school or hospice can live without when it comes to these supplies. However, there are also many essentials which are necessary to have at all times in order to maintain sanitation. We offer cleaning services in Manchester, one of which is the reliable supply of office cleaning supplies. In this article we’d like to take you through the reasons why it’s important to have a steady supply of cleaning and hygiene products in your office, and how we can help.

Keeping the Office Clean

When you run out of cleaning supplies it is almost impossible to keep your facility clean. You don’t have any antibacterial spray to clean up after lunchtime or any washing up liquid to do the dishes before they start to smell! Employees are never usually enthusiastic about cleaning up anyway, so don’t give them the excuse of ‘there isn’t anything to clean with’! It’s always a good idea to ensure you have what you need, when you need it by using a janitorial supply provider.

Toiletries and Feminine Hygiene

When it comes to items such as toilet roll and hand soap, running out is simply not an option and can have a really detrimental impact on any facility. Not having these products on site at all times is not only unpleasant for those there; it is a hygiene hazard! We also offer the removal of feminine product waste from facilities on a monthly basis, following the guidelines set out by the Department of Health. This ensures that the highest sanitary standards are maintained throughout.

So What do We Supply?

  • Toilet paper
  • Centre feed rolls
  • Hand towels
  • Black bin bags
  • Clear sacks
  • Clinical waste sacks
  • Office bin liners
  • Dishwasher tablets
  • Washing up liquid
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Monthly anti slip entrance mat replacement
  • Monthly feminine hygiene bin service
  • And all many types of cleaning products!
  • A Reputable and Reliable Janitorial Products Supplier in Manchester

We provide every type of sanitary and cleaning product your facility could ever need and work with you to understand your demand, when works for delivery and which products best suit your facility/budget. As mentioned earlier, you really can’t be too prepared when it comes to ensuring that you have everything your office needs to keep it clean. In fact, various studies have shown that the impact of a clean facility on the productivity levels of staff and reduction in sick days is huge. If you’d like to find out more about our products and us as a janitorial products supplier, then click here and head over to our website for more details