Hinch Yourself Happy: Some Great Tips on Cleaning

HinchMrs Hinch has been something of a revelation in the cleaning world. She made her first post on Instagram 2 years ago and since has gone on to enjoy great success, give some fantastic advice and even write a book. Pretty impressive! I started reading her book recently and have barely been able to put it down. The book is full of tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning and also contains a great deal of personal information about Mrs Hinch herself. I’ve picked up some good advice from this book and would like to share some of my thoughts on it with you today.

Anxiety Relief

Something which really resonated with me from this book was how cleaning can help with anxiety and stress. It is a well-known fact that when we are in a clean and sanitary environment we feel much more relaxed, but for many of us cleaning itself can turn into a stressful task! Instead of cleaning worrying us, we can use it as a technique to relive our stress. We all have worries from time to time and by getting up and having a little bit of a clean it can help in two ways. Firstly, by being proactive and moving around you can take your mind off those nagging worries. Secondly, as a result of cleaning you will be in a cleaner environment, making you feel far more stress-free.

Making Cleaning Fun

Cleaning your home can be an arduous task, but Mrs Hinch is always thinking of practical ways to make cleaning less daunting and more fun. So how do you make cleaning fun? One top tip in this book is to make your own personal cleaning playlist. These should be full of high energy and uplifting songs that will get you dancing round the house as you clean! Furthermore, Mrs Hinch’s ‘Hinch Half Hours’ and ‘Freshen up Fridays’ initiatives are a great way to break up the cleaning into manageable and enjoyable segments. Cleaning isn’t about constantly bleaching your surfaces, in fact Mrs Hinch says she doesn’t clean every day, it’s all about staying on top of it in a reasonable fashion. Essentially, don’t dread cleaning and don’t get bogged down in it; cleaning the house doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Best Tips From the Book

This book contains information on how to clean literally any mess you might find in your house. You could in fact call it the Bible of cleaning! I’d like to share with you 3 of my favourite tips from the book. Firstly, use baking soda to remove stains from mattresses; by rubbing baking soda into a mattress and leaving it for half an hour it will remove the stain as you hoover up the dusty residue. Secondly, using a sonic scrubber or electric toothbrush to clean hard floors; these devices can help get even the most stubborn stains out of a hard floor. Thirdly, cleaning your blinds with tumble dryer sheets; the anti-static effect of the tumble dryer cloth helps to collect more dust! I have already applied many of her tips and tricks to cleaning my house and will surely implement a few into Focus Cleaning too!