Keep the Office Clean After Halloween

The detritus that a Halloween celebration leaves in its wake can really add up. Stray glitter from the cheeks of David Bowies, the stains of badly-applied face paint and spray-on hair dye transferring onto chairs and walls, fragments of sweet wrappers discarded and lost… and that’s if nobody tracks mud through the place as a bare-footed hobbit!

Ain’t No Party Like a Workplace Party

Many UK business premises today hold low-key Halloween celebrations – costume working days or an after-hours party being the commonest options – because this kind of party brings the staff closer together and puts a smile on everybody’s face, as well as a presenting a friendly, community-focused air for workplaces that the public visit.

Year after year, these become more effective as every year the team is inspired to better what they did before. More and more elaborate costumes invite more admiration and drive more enthusiasm – but they also can lead to more and more mess in the aftermath!

But a Workplace Party Means Work

Here at Focus Cleaning, we firmly support businesses that want to bring their staff together this way. Fostering a ‘company spirit’ like that helps everyone’s morale, boosts productivity, and makes your employees more likely to want to stick with you. It’s win-win-win.

That’s why we’re standing by to help out in the aftermath; because of the traces a party like that leaves behind, it’s a perfect time for an Office Deep Clean Blitz to get everything back to gleaming newness, or a short notice one-of-a-kind cleaning session for other premises.

A party – particularly a costume party – takes more out of your premises than a month or more’s regular workdays, so going the extra mile to restore everything to normal doesn’t just help going forward; it also signals your staff that you care about their surroundings and them.

To arrange for our cleaners to give you the support you need, you can contact us here, at, or call 0161 485 8060.