Focus Cleaning Launches New Logo And Renewed Commitment to Clients

After thirteen years in the cleaning industry, Focus Cleaning has completed a review of our methods, practices, and their results, and we are proud to announce a renewed drive to be the best option for any client.

Our priority is summed up by our five-point service promise and mission statement, FOCUS:

F – Focus on the customer requirements at all times
O – Offering exceptional value for money
C – Customer care is key to our business
U – Understanding our customers’ needs
S – Standards of cleaning are consistent and of a high standard

We are a customer-driven business, and the services we offer are all calibrated to our experience of what our customers require. It’s not just about the cleaning, but also our relationship with our clients; we want to leave their lives better as well as their premises cleaner.

As part of our review, we’ve recognised that our success is due to this attention to detail, and our willingness to work with our customers to provide the best service possible.

For this reason, we want to make that clearer to prospective clients, and so we’ve taken our mission statement and made it part of our improved logo.


We cater to clients from a wide range of industries, so we offer different services for landlords readying their properties for new tenants, bonded warehouses and their unique needs, healthcare premises, and more traditional offices. We’ll even supply, on request, janitorial supplies and take care of your workplace’s feminine hygiene needs, disposing of the waste and of anti-slip mats on a monthly basis.

We offer a wider variety of services than we ever planned do when Focus Cleaning started out; thirteen years of development and evolution has seen us grow, evolve, and adapt, working to fulfil our customers’ needs.

That drive means we’ve discovered more and more needs that we hadn’t seen coming, needs very few companies seem to cater to. When one client makes us aware of an issue we can address, we make sure we’re not missing it in another, and often that individual requirement becomes a service offered to many customers who hadn’t realised just how much it would help.

We’re proud to be one of the few to truly put our clients’ needs first and to adjust what we do to them rather than asking them to adjust to us. Every service we offer, we offer because there is a genuine need for it.

We’re proud of our record in the industry and, while our existing clients know how much care we take, we’re making it clearer to everyone else who needs a better cleaning service – one that knows how important customer care is to our business, that offers exceptional value for money, understands our customers’ needs, maintains high and consistent standards in our work, and at all