First Impressions Count: The Importance of a Clean Workplace

First impressions are paramount. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time, inviting someone into your home or welcoming potential clients into your business – if you give off a bad first impression, more often than not, your reputation will ever be tainted to that individual. So much so, when it comes to customer satisfaction, a recent survey has shown that ‘cleanliness’ is at the top of the list, trumping even quality, customer service and value for money. Equipped with this knowledge, it would be silly to ignore how beneficial a thoroughly cleaned and hygienic workplace would be for business. In this blog, we want to highlight the areas you should focus on in order for your business to give the best first impression possible…

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1. Outside / Entrance

The first thing people see when approaching your workplace is, of course, the exterior of the building. No matter the nature of your business, whether you work in a large warehouse or a brutalistic office block, there a certain external indicators which show you take pride in your business, and are worth investing some time in. For one, are the windows clean? Is the outside area well-kept and free of litter and debris? Does the front door look welcoming and easily accessible? All of these things are often overlooked aspects of your work space that will not be overlooked by a new visitor. Even if the inside of your business is clean and in order, if the outside isn’t up to scratch, you may lose business from people who misjudged you on their initial bad impression.

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2. The Main Area

The main area is the area that your guests are in most of the time when visiting your business. This is therefore the place which will leave the most lasting impression. Upon entering a new environment, it is a common habit for people to look at the floor to prevent them from slipping and falling in unfamiliar territory. Making sure your floors are clean and free of dirt and debris is not only essential for giving an impression of cleanliness, but also a health and safety issue.

Additionally, making sure that all surfaces your customers or potential clients may touch – door handles, counter tops, card machines, tables and chairs – are clean should be a priority on your list of cleaning duties. If this individual interacts with a surface or object that makes them feel unhygienic, the impression they’re left with is one of irresponsibility and a lack of care; this impression is one which often extends to their perception of your business ethos, and can be incredibly off-putting. On top of this, don’t forget to ensure your bins are regularly emptied and unnecessary clutter is kept in check to keep it the office in ship shape. Even if you offer the best products or services around, if your customers feel like your business is un-hygienic and dirty, they simply won’t want to give you their custom.

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3. Restrooms

Toilet cleanliness is the final, but arguably the most important area to address when it comes to workplace cleanliness. A recent study found that 94% of people would avoid a business if their restrooms were dirty – we don’t blame them! Toilet hygiene speaks volumes about how much a business cares for the day-to-day running of their workspace, their attention to detail. If a client or customer enters the toilet to discover toilet paper on the floor, clogged toilets, empty paper machines or soap dispensers, bad odours or clogged toilets, the impression they will leave with will be one of disgust and disappointment. Be sure to keep on top of your workplaces restroom cleaning to ensure guests feel welcome, and standards are upheld.

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Having a clean workspace is about so much more than hygiene, health and safety (although these should not be taken lightly). Having a clean and organised work space speaks volumes about how attentive you are to detail, how much pride you take in your business and therefore also how much value you will exert to potential clients or clientele. A sure fast way of making sure that all-important first impression is a good one is by hiring a contracted commercial cleaning company. Here at Focus Cleaning, we provide you with a professional and thorough cleaning service on a regular basis, ensuring that you are consistently exuded an impression of high standards and professionalism. Get in touch today for a chat about your cleaning needs, and a free, no obligation quotation.