Every Office Needs A Deep Clean Blitz

Obviously, maintaining a professional standard of cleanliness in any office is vital. For that, use our Regular service; you can be absolutely certain that the office will be clean, rubbish will be removed, any spillages will be handled and all this with minimal disruption, not to mention the respect and working relationship our staff will develop with yours, helping promote a friendlier atmosphere throughout your place of work.

We don’t call that a minimum standard so much as the desirable and essential relationship between office and its cleaning contractors, but, of course, it’s possible to produce a much more thorough clean when needed; we can, when it’s called for, make your office look like it’s brand new, never been used.

Now, this isn’t needed very often, and it also takes longer and can produce disruption (although we recommend instead that you schedule it for a time when your office is closed and your staff will be absent).

We call this our Deep Clean Office Blitz service, and we recommend booking one before first meetings with potential major clients, visits from head office, or ahead of brochure photography, press visits, and the like.

It’s also recommended for those who’ve just switched to us from a cleaning company which failed to impress, and for those who haven’t had a cleaning service before. In these cases it sets an excellent ‘baseline’, after which we can begin our regular cleaning service and keep your workplace spotless.

Before a Deep Clean Blitz, we ask that you ensure your colleagues have cleared and emptied their desks, putting notepads, knick-knacks and any other outstanding items into crates.

From there, we’ll begin. Desk drawers, computer monitors, keyboards, telephone handsets, the staff kitchen including fridge, freezer and cupboards – all will get the kind of attention that isn’t possible in a typical cleaning sweep. Additionally, deep cleaning, machine scrubs, and wipedowns will be in store for everything that would usually get more basic attention.

(Here’s an experiment; look carefully at your keyboard. There’s a very good chance you’ll see traces of minor crusting or staining on some of the keys, which builds up over long periods of use from your fingers’ natural state. You’ll also see some accumulation of dust between the keys; again, this takes a long time to become noticeable, but once it’s reached that level, it can start to get into your keyboard’s workings.

(It’s easy to miss these things when you’re not looking for them; they build up so slowly. But once you’ve seen them, you must agree – wouldn’t it be nice to have a keyboard that looked as good as new again? Especially if one of the keys has begun to stick. Look across to your phone’s keypad and you may see something similar…)

After a regular service, we aim to leave your office spotless. After a Deep Clean Blitz, your office won’t just be spotless; it’ll be pristine.