Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Your Home

bioWith environmental consciousness growing across the world in recent times, we’ve been having a think about how to clean your home in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. You wouldn’t think of cleaning as a polluting task, but it really can be as so many cleaning practices use electricity and chemicals. So today we would like to give you some tips and information on how to clean your home without damaging the environment!

Cut Out the Chemicals

There are so many cleaning products that we use for our homes which are full of chemicals which are harmful both for us and the environment!

Vinegar – One great alternative for chemical-filled cleaning products is vinegar. This can be used for kitchen surfaces, non-wooden flooring, bathroom cleaning and even for sofas! Vinegar has natural stain removing qualities and works surprisingly well as an alternative to bleach in the bathroom.

Bicarbonate of soda – Another chemical free cleaning product which has multiple uses is bicarbonate of soda. This product is easy to find, cheap to buy, non-toxic and very effective! You can use bicarbonate of soda to remove stains and smells from anything from a mattress to sterling silverware. To get rid of a tough mattress stain, remove your bedding, cover the stain in bicarbonate of soda, and leave for half an hour, then brush of the stain which will be absorbed by the bicarb.

It’s all in the supermarkets – Have a look in your local supermarket for brands such as Ecover, Tincture and method, which are all available across the country and completely chemical-free.WASHER

Easy on the Electrics

When it comes to cleaning, it’s important to remember other bits such as the washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher! These machines eat energy, especially the tumble dryer. Many of us have become far too lazy with our washing due to technology!

Dishwasher – We don’t need to use our dishwashers as often as we do! Instead of putting it on every night after tea, try hand washing and drying your plates, pots and pans every now and then to save energy!

Eco-wash your clothes – Instead of washing your clothes and linen on 40 degrees every time, try using the eco-friendly setting or 30 degree setting on your washing machine. So unless you need to remove a tough stain or wash the kids’ sports kits, stick to these more environmentally friendly settings.

Tumble dryer – The same rules of the washing machine apply to the tumble dryer! Our dryers use a monumental amount of energy and can also cost us a fortune to run! If you’ve only got a few bits of washing then hang them out on the line or on the maiden and definitely don’t use your tumble dryer just because your favourite socks are wet and you need them for tomorrow!

Vacuuming – We don’t need to hoover up every time we spill some cereal, smash a plate or spot some dust, whatever happened to the trusty old dustpan and brush? Vacuuming is necessary to keep our houses clean, especially the carpets, but don’t reach for it every time there’s a mess on the floor as it’s just another way to ramp up your electricity usage and bill!