Don’t Forget your Floors! Four Reasons to Have a Commercial Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning Service in Manchester

Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning with Focus Cleaning

When we clean our homes, we tend to do fairly well with the duster, the bathrooms get a good splash of bleach, occasionally we take to the windows, but more often than not, the carpets and floors are not given the attention that they deserve – and probably need. The same can be said for the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you are working at a school, in an office, or even a warehouse, it seems that the focus of cleaning will often be on keeping desks tidy, kitchens and cafeterias wiped down, and the floors clear – which is not the same as clean. As providers of only the highest quality commercial cleaning services in Greater Manchester, we know the importance of keeping on top of hard floor and carpet cleaning. Today, we want to share four reasons floor cleaning is essential for a safe and happy workplace.

Ensure Optimum Hygiene with Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

Whether the workplace cleaning is left to your employees or a professional cleaning service, a monthly mop of your hard floors and once over with the hoover is not going to cut it. Carpets in particular are renowned for harbouring pollutants and holding onto dirt and bacteria. Think about the muck, food, moisture, and airborne bacteria that come to settle and multiply on the carpets every day and you can begin to understand the importance of a regular commercial carpet and hard floor cleaning service. A carpet and hard floor cleaning service will not only keep the floor to an optimum level of cleanliness, it will also make huge improvements to the air quality of the premises.

Maintenance of Carpets and Floors for Safety

No matter the industry or sector, your carpets and floors will see a lot of footfall. Running children, busy bodies in the office and particularly in warehouses where there is very heavy machinery throughout working hours; carpet and hard floor maintenance is really important to ensure the safety of the people using it. Threadbare carpets and cracked or torn flooring are typical of workplaces that don’t give enough attention to their floor maintenance. These can very easily become serious safety hazards. A commercial carpet and hard floor cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning will ensure regular cleaning and upkeep of your floors since our trained team use only the best cleaning, conditioning, and protecting machinery and solutions.

Make a Great First Impression with Fantastic Floors

For visitors of your workplace, whether they are customers, associates, parents, or patients, making a great first impression matters. To welcome people into your workplace with dirty, stained carpets or dusty, poorly kept floors could give the wrong idea about the care and attention you give to your work. A frequent commercial carpets and hard floor cleaning service with Focus Cleaning is a sure route to getting that positive first impression.

Clean Carpets and Floors Save Money

We aren’t clutching at straws here; a commercial carpet and hard floor cleaning service will save you lot of money in the long run. This is for two very simple reasons. The first is that regular cleaning of your commercial carpets and hard floors will improve and support their longevity. At focus cleaning, our team of professional and highly experienced cleaners don’t do a quick whizz of the vacuum and mop. We use the most effective and innovative machinery and solutions, plus a strip and seal service on your hard floors to protect them from damage, meaning you won’t need to regularly replace them. The second reason is that with great levels of hygiene, you employees will be in better health and less likely to take sick days. It’s a win-win!

If your Manchester workplace has carpets and hard floors in need of some tender loving care and some serious maintenance, get in touch with the team at Focus Cleaning today for a free consultation and quote.