Deep Clean Your Workplace for the Summer Holidays with a Commercial Cleaning Service

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In a recent blog we talked about the benefits of having a regular commercial cleaning service over the summer months; now we are talking about the all-important deep clean. Everyone is familiar with the ‘spring clean’ but we are advocates of the second and equally essential ‘summer clean’. Between spring and summer, your workplace will battle against the sticky heat, opening the windows to pollen and dust, and offer the optimum breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria. With 15 years of experience providing a top quality commercial cleaning service, the team at Focus Cleaning in Greater Manchester knows that summer is the time for a serious clean of the workplace – and we want to share why.

Deep Clean for School Summer Holidays

When the kids are away the cleaners can play – and by play, what we really mean is do what we do best, which is provide a much-needed end of term school cleaning service. Without working around the school hours, the highly trained team at Focus Cleaning can come in and tackle classrooms, labs, kitchens, cafeterias, toilets, staffrooms and offices so that your school is ready for the big return come September.

Office Cleaning whilst Employees are Away

It isn’t only the schools that are quiet over the summer; most workplaces will see employees take off for a week or two over July and August. With workforce numbers at an unusual low, summer really is the time to get the commercial cleaners in for the ultimate deep clean and Focus Cleaning are the team to do it for you. Summertime can really take its toll on an office. Employees become lethargic as their summer holidays come closer, the fridges and bins start to smell sooner than usual, and the office can quickly become untidy and unproductive. A thorough office cleaning service will spark motivation back into your employees and ensure that hygiene standards are brought back to their optimum level.

Commercial Carpet and Floor Cleaning for Summer

Throughout the year, your carpets and hard floors experience some heavy footfall. Whilst the vacuum cleaner and mop will help out a little, a deep clean of your carpets and hard floors is essential for their longevity, as well as maintaining health and safety standards. Since employee numbers are down over the summer – particularly at schools – why not get the professional cleaners in to rid the crumbs and spillages and stains that your busy workforce leave in their wake.

Focus Cleaning are specialists in carpets and hard floor cleaning and can apply our knowledge and experience to wide range of working environments including schools, waiting rooms, theatres, office spaces, warehouses, and doctor’s surgeries. In every space we can promise the same deep clean and highest quality finish by using the best floor treatments, scrubber/drier machines, and strip and seal services.

If your workplace is in need of a deep clean, get in touch with Focus Cleaning today for a free consultation and site visit.