Clean Up Your Act this Valentine’s Day: Office Cleaning Solutions

4681249016_873217c888_bWhen you think of Valentine’s Day you will probably think of that special love in your life. We too think of our true love on Valentine’s Day, beautifully clean office spaces. Though many wouldn’t share our enthusiasm, passion and, dare we say it, love for office cleaning, we believe that they are essential to the functionality and hygiene of a business. So how can we ensure that you’ll get all loved up with your office too? Well, here are four things we guarantee with our cleaning services and can guarantee will make your office a more sanitary and enjoyable place to work.

1. Reliability

For nearly two decades we have been cleaning Greater Manchester. Over the years we have been able to develop great relationships with our clients and we truly pride ourselves on their repeat custom and faith in our services. Cleaning staff can be so hit-and-miss, but we thrive for and constantly achieve that consistency that every office managers wants when they hire a professional cleaning service. Our staff are friendly people and we will usually send the same members of staff to jobs in order that they build a rapport with the staff working there, which we find makes everyone more comfortable. In order to further assure a consistent service we always make sure we have somebody to send over to you, should a member of our staff not be able to make it to work.

2. Simple Stress Relief Through Office Cleaning

The office clean can turn into a stressful and generally unwanted occasion, your staff probably work hard enough as it is, surely they don’t want to be cleaning in their spare time or after-hours! Furthermore, staff-run cleaning programmes simply don’t work and always seem to leave certain parties unhappy or dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the office. Hiring a professional cleaning service shows respect for your staff and business, demonstrating that you want them to work in a cleaner and healthier environment. They will not only appreciate the cleanliness, but the fact they didn’t have to do it themselves!12022019

3. Flexibility in Office Cleaning

At Focus Cleaning, we make a point of providing an office cleaning service that works around your office schedule to cause as little disruption as possible. We will make sure that we sanitise your spaces when it is most convenient for you and your staff. The last thing you need in the middle of a task is to be bombarded with the sound of hoovers tearing their way around your office. We offer a discrete and highly flexible cleaning service to alleviate any concerns about cleaning distracting your workforce.

4. Sanitation of Office Spaces

When we clean an office it isn’t just with the purpose of improving the way it looks. A key part of what we do is make office spaces healthier environments. It is far too easy to let germs and grime build up in your office, and more likely than not, you wouldn’t notice either. We have found and studies have proven that the cleaner the office, the less sick days are taken by the employees that work there. The principles are quite simple in fact; a sanitised and healthier office leads to healthier and more productive staff.12219

Fall in Love with Office Cleanliness this Valentine’s Day

All of our staff are trained professional cleaners with extensive experience cleaning in different environments. We set high standards of ourselves and our staff are adept at delivering on our promise of excellence, never missing a spot. At Focus Cleaning our ever-growing pool of clients are forever delighted by our flexible cleaning schedule, the complete professional service, and our friendly team. Get in touch today to discuss your cleaning requirements!