What 5 things are you Forgetting to Clean in Your Office?

office cleaning

We have been providing commercial cleaning services to Greater Manchester for some 15 years now, so naturally we know everything that needs to be cleaned to keep an office a happy and healthy workspace. Many offices will decide to sign up with an office cleaning company to ensure that their standards of cleanliness and tidiness do not slip throughout the week. However, for those offices which decide to dish out the cleaning responsibilities amongst their employees, or rely upon a monthly deep clean, there are some places and items which are easily forgotten and can collect more dust and bacteria than you’d expect. Of course in these warmer months, we are sure that you want to avoid attracting creepy crawlies and furry things to your office. As experts of office cleaning, we want to share where you might be forgetting to clean in your office.

Don’t Forget to Clean your Keyboard

The facts concerning the cleanliness of the office keyboard (and the keyboard at home too) will not be news to most. The stats vary from publication to publication, but it is clear to see that a keyboard harbours at least five times more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. Even typing that makes me squirm even though we give the keys a wipe down more frequently than many people. Why is the office keyboard in such dire straits? Well, it gets more contact than most other office equipment, and takes on the crumbs and splashes from the things that fuel our work, not to mention the spray from coughs and sneezes (which would be enormously reduced by using a regular and thorough office cleaning service!).

Cleaning your Office Computer Screen and Mouse!

Given less attention, though still important and still frequently forgotten are the computer mouse and screen. In particular the screen picks up the office dirt and again, your spread of bacteria from sneezes and coughs not caught by a tissue. Likewise, your mouse will become contaminated with whatever bacteria your hands come into contact with. Of course, a commercial office cleaning service will ensure that your office computers are thoroughly cleaned of the harmful bacteria that so easily collect around it, but if you don’t have a cleaning contract, consider keeping a pack of anti-bacterial wipes or a spray and cloth in your desk drawer!

The Office Desk Telephone

Just as your computer parts promote a spread of bacteria, your desk phone does too – especially if it is being shared. If Jane’s desk partner, John, has a cold, you can be sure that neglecting their office phone cleaning will result in two sick workers and don’t be surprised if you see a total wipe-out at the office. If you notice that the sick days in your office are stacking up, it may be time for you to call in the help of an office cleaning service.

The Drying Rack in the Office Kitchen

In general, everyone working in an office will be aware – perhaps reluctantly – of the need to keep the kitchen clean. It is the classic hive for bacteria since food and drinks are so easily spread about it throughout the day. The surfaces, sink, and the insides of the refrigerator and microwave will probably (hopefully) get a good wipe down, but what about the drying rack? Splashed with dirty water whilst washing up, and regularly wet, grime is allowed to grow typically in the corners at first but then spread. When colleagues are too busy to dry and return their cutlery and crockery to the cupboards, clearing the drying rack in order to clean it can feel like a big job and not necessarily on the top of the priority list. Fortunately, the team at Focus Cleaning love what they do which means cleaning your office from top to bottom with the most efficient and non-disruptive cleaning service possible.

Handling the Dirty Handles

And finally, don’t let cleaning handles and stair rails slip your mind. Unsurprisingly, handles have heavy interaction with bacteria throughout the working hours. There are the handles to the main doorways that you may be more aware of, but what about the more obscure ones like the handles to the refrigerator and microwave, the kettle and stationary cupboard? It seems keeping on top of your office cleaning can be a much greater task than you realise…

Undoubtedly, a clean office makes for better working conditions, a positive workforce, and higher levels of productivity. If you think that your office would benefit from a commercial cleaning service, please get in touch.