5 Things You are Forgetting to Clean in Your Office Kitchen

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We are all guilty of neglecting the office kitchen. Often just clearing away the dirty teaspoons and brushing down the surfaces suffices for a clean-up, the anti-bacterial spray coming out once in a blue moon for the ‘deep clean’. This isn’t to say all office kitchens are dirty and messy; in fact, they are often always kept in a relatively tidy and organised state. However, tidy and clean are two very different things, and things which look neat can actually be quite unhygienic. In today’s blog, we’re bringing to attention 5 overlooked office kitchen amenities…


First of all is the kettle, arguably the most used appliance of all in an office environment. Every single day millions of cups of tea and coffee are made to fuel office workers across the nation. That’s also millions of hands touching the handle, and millions of messy-makers splashing hot drinks on the kettle body. The transfer of germs from one person to the next and the discreet layer of grime slowly building up on the kettle will make the kettle an unhygienic hotbed! You can be assured that by hiring a commercial cleaning service, your kettle, the life-force behind the office, is always clean and hygienic!

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Another neglected area of the office kitchen is the cupboard handles. Although only small, these areas can carry the mightiest of germs. As with the kettle, they’re constantly being touched, all the while transferring germs to and from every hand that touches it. They’re so small and seemingly insignificant nobody thinks to give the underside of that handle a wipe down!

Cupboard Doors

Again, these kitchen fixtures are always overlooked when it comes to the office clean. Although all it takes in ensuring they stay looking new and nice is a wipe down every once in a while, they are arguably the most forgotten when it comes to the clean. Dirt and remnants of food can amass on the doors without anyone batting an eye lid. In hiring a commercial cleaning service, you can be certain these kitchen fittings will not be left behind!

Cutlery Draw

The cutlery draw hides many a dirty secret. Unknowingly, we will put in only partially clean cutlery, or stray breadcrumbs will somehow find their way into the draw – these tiny bits of food will sit in the draw for months on end, up close and personal with utensils we eat with. You need cleaning professionals, with the foresight and awareness of office cleaning, to regularly ensure the cutlery draw is kept in ship-shape condition.

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Last but not least is the fridge; a battleground of different foods and lunch boxes, a random collection of drinks and sauces. Spillage is inevitable. Contamination: highly likely. The fridge clean out is lengthy and laborious, and therefore is purposefully neglected by staff and the situation only worsens over time. As a place where you store your food, it is essential that you don’t neglect the fridge clean (or at least pay someone not to neglect it!).

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If any of these situations resonate with you and your Manchester business, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service to get your office kitchen back to ship shape. Focus Cleaning has over 15 years worth of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, and our professional and specially trained team of cleaners will not leave a handle or a kettle unturned. Get in touch today to discuss your cleaning needs, and for a free, no obligation quotation.