5 Signs that You Should Be Seeking a New Commercial Cleaning Contract

New commercial cleaning contract

Most companies will outsource commercial cleaners to ensure the workplace remains a clean, tidy, and healthy place for their team. It is rather important when we consider that we spend around 40 hours a week there with an aim to preserve a proactive approach to work. When it comes to cleanliness in the workplace, there are a number of factors that can pull down the wellbeing of employees and see a consequential drop in efficiency. By sharing these signs, you will be able to recognise when enough is enough and pick up the phone for a new commercial cleaning contract.

Sick Days are Stacking Up

Did you know a keyboard will often hold more bacteria than a toilet seat? In fact, that figure has been reported as twenty thousand times more. It’s definitely best to keep both of them cleaned regularly. If you are noticing that your workforce is dwindling in an on-going period of illness, it could be that workplace hygiene is not what it should be. A commercial cleaning company should be regularly and thoroughly cleaning all working and communal spaces. That includes kitchens, bathrooms, carpets and hard floors, desks and shelving. Where your commercial cleaning company has been lax in their task, potentially harmful bacteria will reproduce and can become a serious health hazard.

A Decline in Productivity

There are a multitude of studies supporting the theory that the appearance of the workplace will positively or negatively influence employee productivity and wellbeing. Starting the day in an office that is cluttered and unclean, will immediately affect the drive of your colleagues. It will leave them feeling simultaneously sluggish and exasperated. Not only that, your employees may be less inclined to participate in their general tidying, thereby adding to the problem. If you notice that your commercial cleaners are not delivering a cleaning service that you should expect, and your workplace productivity has taken a hit, it’s probably time to get to Google and find a new cleaning company.

Communication with Your Commercial Cleaning Company is Difficult

It should be easy to get in touch with your commercial cleaning company when you want to make changes to your requirements, or have any issues. You are at work because you have things to do, and that should not include calling and emailing your commercial cleaner with a delayed or no reply.

At Focus Cleaning Ltd. we promise proactive communication. We have the same team of uniformed professional cleaners working on your premises throughout your cleaning contract. That way, they can quickly become familiar with you and your workspace and can be easily communicated with in an amicable manner. Your own employees will feel comfortable seeing the same team tackling their workplace. Fully trained, our employees will listen to your specific needs and ensure our schedule works around yours.

You are Regularly Low on or Running Out of Supplies

Your professional commercial cleaners should be providing janitorial products as part of the service. This will include supplying everything from toilet paper to handtowels, washing up liquid to bin bags, and dishwasher tablets to anti-bacterial hand soap. This isn’t a one-off service, or to be expected every now and then. A reputable commercial cleaning company will consistently manage and replenish these supplies so that you and your employees never find yourselves going short. If you’re finding the soap dispensers are constantly low, or empty, or the washing up liquid has been diluted as much as possible to make it last, it is probably time to make a new commercial cleaning contract.

You’re Reading This Blog Post

Hello there. We wouldn’t wish any of the previous points to be infiltrating your workplace, but if they are, a commercial cleaning contract with Focus Cleaning is a sure way to maintain and improve work-place cleanliness. Our team of dedicated professional cleaners have 15 years of experience and training in order to provide a cleaning service that is thorough, efficient, and as non-disruptive as possible.

If you’re beginning to recognise these issues in your place of work, get in touch with Focus Cleaning. We will make it our mission to have your workplace happy and hygienic.