5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

questions to ask commercial cleaning provider

Dust-capped equipment, finger-smudged windows, a kitchen hosting an army of potentially harmful bacteria – and let’s not forget the office telephone! These are just some of the issues faced by workplaces without a frequent cleaning service.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company has plentiful benefits for you and your business. Amongst the benefits of a regular cleaning service are its ability to support that positive first impression, ensure your commercial property is prepped as a place for productivity and employee wellbeing, and maintain high standards of health and hygiene. Of course when you hire a commercial cleaning company, you need to know that your money is being spent wisely and that the cleaning services provided are of the highest quality.

With 15 years’ experience, Focus Cleaning knows a thing or two about quality cleaning services. Today we want to share the most crucial questions to ask when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

What Does Your Commercial Cleaning Service Include?

It’s all well and good having an immaculate communal kitchen, but if the keyboards are clogged with dirt and dust (it’s a thing), and the windows look like a small child has wiped their sticky fingers on them, something is not right with your commercial cleaning service.

Understanding exactly what a commercial cleaning service can and will provide for your property is, unsurprisingly, really important. During an initial consultation, you may have prepared a list of cleaning services you require such as a regular office cleaning service that includes the windows, kitchen area, boardrooms and toilets. A reputable cleaning company will be able to go into further detail of what is involved and suggest other services that you may have forgotten or not considered.

Does Your Cleaning Team Have Experience with this Property Type?

You need a thorough, efficient, and professional cleaning service; therefore you need a thorough, efficient, and professional team of cleaners. When looking to hire a commercial cleaning company, asking about their prior experience with similar properties is sensible. The commercial cleaning service provider should also be able to let you know about their training regimes as well as their health and safety procedures.

Can You Provide a Cleaning Service that Works with My Schedule?

You have established that the commercial cleaning company is probably going to provide a great service – wahoo! Now, though, you need to find out that they can work around the daily routine of your business. No matter the sector, it might be cleaning in an office environment, a school, a healthcare centre, there are few things more distracting than the heavy humming of a hoover, the moving of bodies dusting in your peripheral vision, the moving of furniture, your needing to move out of the way for the commercial cleaning team to do their job. It is really crucial that your commercial cleaning company is flexible with their working times to cause as little disruption as possible, if not any at all.

Does Your Commercial Cleaning Service Include Cleaning Supplies?

One of the many benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service is the ease it offers you and the stress and time it saves. We wouldn’t want to assume anything, but we imagine that when hiring a cleaning company, you probably don’t want to spend additional funds on cleaning supplies, or take time out of your daily schedule to drive over to the supermarket. There are also many workplaces which require specialist cleaning products in order to thoroughly clean and protect floors, equipment and surfaces. A professional cleaning company has knowledge of these products and where to find them, whereas you may not. Be sure to ask whether cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment is included in the commercial cleaning service.

What Happens if a Member of Staff is on Holiday or Sick?

The answer you are looking for is; any sickness and holidays will be covered. This is imperative. The benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company are numerous – when they show up. You need to know that when a member of your regular cleaning team is away that your service won’t be affected.

There you have it, five key questions to ensure that when you hire a commercial cleaning company, you receive the first class service that you deserve. At Focus Cleaning our ever-growing pool of clients are forever delighted by our flexible cleaning schedule, the complete professional service, and our friendly team. Get in touch today to discuss your cleaning requirements!