4 Reasons Why Your Warehouse Cleaning Should be Done by a Commercial Cleaning Service

warehouse cleaning by professional commercial cleaners

Warehouses are very varied places filled with specialised machinery, equipment, workspaces, and products. With that comes a host of potential risks which any team tasked with cleaning the warehouse must be aware of. To keep on top of deep cleaning every area is a time-consuming feat when placed on people who are not trained in cleaning nor have knowledge of the best and most targeted cleaning products. Instead of putting the deep cleaning responsibilities on your employees, or letting things pile up until the next sporadic one-off clean, we believe it is always best to leave your warehouse cleaning to the professionals at Focus Cleaning. Here we share why.

Regular Deep Clean Service to Promote Productivity and Hygiene

We all know the positive effects that a clean workplace has on the employee wellbeing and the level of productivity. The research into it has been well-documented for years; where a workplace that is clean and tidy enables efficiency and safety, as well as increased happiness in employees who feel respected by their employer.

Not only that, a warehouse cleaning service will also ensure good hygiene levels are maintained throughout the main warehouse in addition to the kitchen/cafeteria, front office, and toilets. This means that by hiring a commercial cleaning service for your warehouse you will see a drop in the sick days taken by your workforce.

Warehouse Windows Washed Inside and Out

At Focus Cleaning our team are fully trained in the use of the most innovative and industry leading Reach and Wash window cleaning technology. We are able to get to all of the hard to reach places that warehouse cleaning offers up since this tech works by jetting water through an extendable carbon fibre pole meaning the first floor gets the same sparkling finish as the seventh. For your window interiors and for low-lying windows, we take to traditional methods of hand washing to give the perfect shine inside and out. Our warehouse window cleaning service not only maximises natural light indoors, it also gives a far better appearance for employees and customers arriving at the warehouse.

Hard Floor Cleaning and Care for Safety and Longevity

Warehouse floors need to be particularly robust and able to withstand the stresses of heavy machinery, footfall, drops, scratches and scrapes that are synonymous with warehouse working. When floors are not cared for nor their quality maintained, it can cause enormous problems and severe safety risks. Our hard floor cleaning service can be tailored to the floors of any warehouse, using the best cleaning and polish products with highly efficient machinery to ensure the longevity of your floors and the safety of employees.

Professional, Non-Disruptive Warehouse Cleaning Service with Focus Cleaning

At Focus Cleaning, we are proud to provide a professional, personalised service which promises the upmost cleaning quality. As our client, you can easily communicate with us, and expect the same team of uniformed cleaners each time we come to your premises. We have a sound knowledge and understanding of the health and safety requirements that are tied to warehouse cleaning and we will always ensure that these requirements are met. By quickly getting to know our clients, we can work our schedule around your schedule to be as non-disruptive as possible.

If you are looking for a responsible, reliable, and reputable commercial cleaning service to fulfil your warehouse cleaning, please get in touch for a free consultation.