4 Reasons an Office Cleaning Service is Better than a DIY Job

office cleaning service over DIY

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs in order to maximise profits, but when it comes to office cleaning this may not be the best idea. Many of our clients started their contract with Focus Cleaning after trying out in-house cleaning schemes lead by employees. They didn’t work. As a team of professional commercial cleaners working across Great Manchester, we can proudly declare that we love what we do. We hope that you love what you do too. We certainly do not expect you to love doing what we do, but we know that you and your office will really benefit from the results of our office cleaning service. Today we want to share why hiring an office cleaning service can actually save you money and make for a far better functioning workplace than with DIY cleaning.

Focus on Your Business with a Focus Cleaning Contract

We all know the phrase ‘time is money’. Whether you take on the task of office cleaning yourself or share it amongst the staff, any time spent doing the dishes, emptying the bins, replacing soap in the soap dispensers, wiping down surfaces, cleaning the office windows, or vacuuming the carpet means time away from doing work. A contract with a Manchester office cleaning service means that you and your team can focus their attention entirely on the business.

Non-Disruptive and Professional Approach to Office Cleaning

We are sure that your employees work hard enough as it is. It’s unlikely that they would want to spend their free time afterhours cleaning the office. Therefore, leaving the office cleaning duties to your staff would cause disruption not only to their schedule as we pointed out above, but to other members of your team who may be distracted or disturbed during their work by the whirring of a hoover or someone dusting around the office desk space. At Focus Cleaning, we make a point of providing an office cleaning service that works around your office schedule to cause as little disruption as possible.

Office Cleaning Shows Respect for Business and Employees

Not only will an office cleaning service ensure that visitors to your business will have a positive first impression, it will also support the wellbeing of your employees who can work in a positive environment. We often talk about the wealth of research into the benefits of a clean and tidy workplace on the productivity and happiness of staff. When you invest in office cleaning services, you prove to your employees that you care about them and about the business.

A Thorough Office Cleaning Service Prioritises Health and Safety

In our last blog, we looked at the difference between tidy and sanitised. Whilst your employees may be happy to keep their desk space tidy, it might be too much to expect them to keep corridors clear and have anti-bacterial wipes at the ready. When an office is not thoroughly and regularly cleaned, bacteria is allowed to spread, putting the health of your employees in harm’s way and the risk of workplace accidents is much greater.

Are those sick days creeping up? An office cleaning contract is the best way to maintain the optimum health and safety standards in your workplace.

If your office cleaning has been left to you and your employees, it may be time to consider a professional office cleaning service. To learn more about how Focus Cleaning can help, and what we can provide as part of your office cleaning contract, get in touch today.