4 Benefits of Hiring a Reputable School Cleaning Service

professional school cleaning services

For many, the October half term holidays hail a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the school schedule. As institutions bursting with imagination and potential, schools are some of society’s most important establishments. A child’s time at school can influence the rest of their life and it is the responsibility of those in charge to ensure everything is in place to support their learning and their wellbeing. The same goes for the staff. Whilst teaching supplies and equipment are paramount, a clean school environment is the foundations for positive and productive learning. As a commercial cleaning company with a host of happy school cleaning clients, we want to share the benefits of hiring a school cleaning service.

School Cleaning Supports Productivity

‘Clean room, clear mind’ is a phrase you are more than likely familiar with. It doesn’t only apply to our home. In fact, it is well researched that a clean and tidy workplace will see productivity increase. In a school scenario it applies to every room, from classrooms to sports halls, and toilets to cafeterias. Where dirt and mess causes distraction, a clean and clear school environment enables pupils to work efficiently throughout the day. With a reliable, regular school cleaning service, you can really support the productivity of your students.

Make a Great Impression with School Cleaning Services

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to a school’s aesthetics, we can’t help but make assumptions about the quality of work that goes on within its walls. Securing a positive first impression is imperative for any industry and schools are no exception. For pupils, staff and visitors, arriving at a clean and welcoming school is imperative for a positive approach to the day. Gleaming windows, clean and tidy classrooms, clutter-free corridors and polished floors, one of great benefits of hiring a school cleaning service is that it shows your respect for the school as well as all those who work within it.

Support Health and Hygiene with School Cleaning Services

From the common cold to a stomach bug, schools are notorious for the spread of infections and viruses. It is unsurprising then, that schools will always benefit from a regular school cleaning service. In a recent blog, we looked at the difference between tidy and sanitised. In schools maintaining a sanitised environment is more crucial than in most other places of work since immune systems are typically weaker in children. Schools certainly come with their challenges, but a fully trained team of school cleaners will ensure that high health and hygiene standards are maintained throughout using cleaning solutions that are safe for students and staff.

School Cleaning Services Save Stress and Time on Janitorial Supplies

There are few things more frustrating than consistently running low or running out of janitorial supplies. Trying to monitor soap dispensers, toilet roll, washing up liquid, bin bags, paper towels (to name a few!) throughout your school of hundreds if not thousands of people, on top of “the day job” is time consuming. Add to that organising the disposal of feminine hygiene bins and your list of things to do becomes a greater and greater stress. Take advantage of a school cleaning service that can also provide low cost, good quality and consistent janitorial supplies.

At Focus Cleaning, a school cleaning contract will secure a team of DBS checked, fully trained, friendly and professional cleaners for your school. We take real pride in our school cleaning services and believe we can make a positive impact in your school. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your school cleaning requirements and arrange a site visit.